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What's more exciting than planning out a vacation? Booking flight tickets, hotel reservations, day tour arrangements and packing stuff ...

Travel Hacks to Get Away With Cyber Attacks

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What's more exciting than planning out a vacation? Booking flight tickets, hotel reservations, day tour arrangements and packing stuff to bring with - gets anyone a little bit giggly that we tend to forget some safety precautions that we need to undertake when travelling, especially out of the country trips. Modern travelers would always bring with them digital gadgets to capture and share moments or just simply make the trip a less of a hassle (smartphones are surely handy helper). But guess what, you or anyone can be a victim of cyber attack, anytime and anywhere. Unsecured networks outside our houses are easily penetrated by hackers who can get into your mobile devices or laptops and steal your information. What better way to avoid this? Unleash the ninja in you! Not the shuriken weapon (you can keep them handy though). But strike like a ninja and think like a ninja. Be vigilant!

Below are some tips shared by Jeff Moss, who happens to be an advisor to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council and founder of some well-known hacking and security conferences in the whole world.

1. Always take your passport with you. That booklet contains information that if improperly handed to or lost can be used for some mischievous acts like credit card purchases and identity theft. It would you creep you out when you hear your name and description being charged for someone else's unlawful acts.

2. Never ever leave your gadgets/devices in the hotel room. Need more to say? Try not to bring bulky devices with you. But if ever you need to bring one on your trip, like a laptop for a business meeting, make sure you have your hard drive fully encrypted if ever someone tries to steal it. You see those often on 007 movies and the likes!

3. Do not use public networks like the hotel wifi and business centers. Usually this hotels' wifi would block your VPN (Virtual Private Network) or won't let you get online without accepting their terms of service or paying some minimal fees. And when you do get into the trap, you share you digital information unknowingly. Hackers would send you big hugs and thanks if that would happen.

4. Be a fan of encryption tools. The handy ones are those that you download easily. Moss recommends using private messaging app Signal which encrypts call and texts and works on both Android and iOS devices. This kind of app helps you to secure your conversation especially if its business related and you're in another country.

5. Assume that your texts,emails and calls are tapped. Never disclose sensitive information over the phone. It is best if you wait till you meet and discuss things in person. 

If you've been a fan of sci-fi movies, you'll always see stuff like these - passwords hacked, identity theft, decoded messages, tapped conversation, which sometimes lead to the character's demise. The last part is somehow exaggerated to think (winks). But it always pay off to consider that somewhere somehow, someone is up to no good.

Source: Entrepreneur


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