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How much do you know about food? 1. Did you know that Apples are more effective than coffee at keeping people wide awake? 2. Did you ...

11 Interesting Facts About Food

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How much do you know about food?

1. Did you know that Apples are more effective than coffee at keeping people wide awake?

2. Did you know that garlic works well on sore throats? Eating garlic when you have a sore throat will shorten the duration of your sore throat and if you eat garlic on a daily basis, you will less likely get a cold.

3. Did you know that rice is the staple food for half of the people worldwide? And there are remarkably 15,000 different kinds of rice. 

4. Did you know that there are also Vitamins K,T, and H? Few people may have known this but aside from famous Vitamins A,B,C,D and E, there are also other helpful vitamins. Vitamin K promotes proper liver function. Vitamin T strengthens the red blood cells. Vitamin H or commonly known as Biotin strengthens hair and nails. 

5. Did you know that the most expensive coffee in the world comes from a Civet (cat-sized mammal) poo? Kopi Luwak are coffee beans from Civet which only feasts with only the finest ripe berries and it discharges partially-digested beans which are sold. It is sold from $120 - $600 per pound. 

6. Did you know that the largest item found on any menu is a roasted camel? It was offered by royalty in Morocco several hundred years ago. The clean camel was stuffed with one whole lamb, chickens, fishes, eggs and 110 gallons of water, as among the ingredients. 

7. Did you know that tomato is technically a fruit and not a vegetable? Tomato was also the first genetically engineered whole product and has 10,000 varieties. 

8. Did you know that a row of corn always has an even number? 

9. Did you know that Popsicle was invented by an 11-year old boy and patented it after 18 years? Frank Epperson, inventor of Popsicle, left a powdered soda and water on the porch which has a stir stick. Due to a record low temperature in San Francisco during 1905, the next morning the powdered soda mixture had frozen to the stir stick. He called it epsicle and changed it to Popsicle after he patented it 18 years later. 

10. Did you know that the famous English sauce, Worcestershire sauce is made from dissolved salt-water fishes? These small fishes are dissolved as a whole in vinegar until they have completely melted. So imagine the sauce with the fish bones and all of it. 

11. Did you know that to reach a kilo of honey bees have to visit around 4 million flowers? That is like traveling 4 times around the earth.


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