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There's always a story behind every photo. What you usually see on Facebook are not always the real score because Facebook tends to be...

20 Blunt Truths Of Motherhood

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There's always a story behind every photo. What you usually see on Facebook are not always the real score because Facebook tends to be a humble platform for bragging and a temporary getaway from the reality. You may agree with me or not, but that's usually the trending case. Mommies are always fun of sharing feel good photos with feel good caption "motherhood is the most rewarding job..blah blah blah" (I'm guilty of this). Motherhood is a privilege, no doubt about that. But it's not always the happy yippy stage. There are times when your little ones get to your nerves and you asked yourself what have you gotten into. There is a long list of blunt truths about motherhood that we avoid to openly discuss with fellow mothers for the fear of being judged (there's actually a bitter term for that). Hence, I'm sharing mine. P.S. I love my kids but these are just the stinking truths.

1.  The most obvious one- you would never get to experience a good sleep like you did back then. From the moment you carry them in your womb, infancy stage, toddler years, school-age years and even when they get older - sleeping experience would never be as good as single days. Your child's cry is like embedded into your inner system that you'd wake up in the middle of the night thinking that you just heard them cry for mama. Or you'd check them once in a while to make sure they're still breathing while in deep sleep. And you fear that you're now acting like a psychotic mom.

2. Moms are the walking lost and found counter. Be it a piece of sock, missing toys, pencils, favorite shirt- they'd all want to ask you and annoy the hell out of you until you start searching for it. 

3. Even if you have potty trained your little ones, you'd still be washing butts. I don't know for how long, but I'd still get a "wash-my-butt-mom" wake up call from my 4-year-old in the middle of the night. As much as you'd want to say you'd have it washed early in the morning, you just can't!

4. You would always have someone tagging along with you when you pee or poop. No matter how much you try to tell them that you have the stinkiest poop in the world, you just can't scare the hell out of them. You got to live with that.

5. Screaming is the new normal. Even if you aim to be the goody good parent, there will come a time that you just can't help but just scream it out. And you cry and wish if you could turn back the time.

6. Skipping bathe time is no biggie. You'd prefer to get down to bed and sleep rather than spending precious time lathering and rinsing your worn body. Between sleeping and bathing, sleeping is always the choice.

7. You'd always be glad for screen time. Although we want our kids to be active and unleash their full potential thru books,arts and crafts and fun games, you'd be thankful if they'd ask for screen time. I know you'd feel guilty, but this is the best time for you to shut your eyes even for few minutes. Thank you Peppa Pig and the likes for entertaining my kids!

8. You'd spend an ungodly time preparing for a healthy meal. But in reality, you'd always get side comments and worse, part of them goes right off to the garbage disposal. Lucky you if your dog would want to eat it.

9. As much as you love your husband, the truth is they just don't do more like you do. So stop whining and wasting time getting them to do more or you'll end up kicking hard their butts out.

10. There would never be a chance for all rooms to be clean at the same time. It hurts a lot (and you need to bare with it) when you've spent so much hours cleaning every nook in your house while it'll only take your kids' roughly 5 minutes to mess around the entire room.

11. You'll get tired hearing "why" "why" and more "why". And way irritating when your toddler asks "Why do you have a big tummy mama?". Alright little girl, stop with the why's. There are also questions that need to be left unanswered, either you're not prepared with the most believable answer or your terribly annoyed already.

12. You can never get away with public tantrums. The first thing you'd probably do is to breathe in deeply and breathe out.

13. You can never say "NO" in  a positive way like what parenting magazines would suggest. Maybe you can do for a week, but it's usually a screaming NO (sometimes paired with STOP and BEHAVE).

14. That extra money always goes to the kids. You forget that you're also a human being. Kids come first. When you're in a mall checking out stuff on sale for yourself, you'd end up buying kids stuff instead.

15. You'll lose some friends. You're a notable Hall of Famer for turning down invitations from your friends. Yet, talking to strangers seems to be so easy, you'll get something to talk about in an instant- PARENTING.

16 You'd never expect yourself to catch some vomit with your bare hands. Not yours, but your kids' sticky icky gruesome vomit.

17. People (acquaintances, friends, and even family) will always have something to say about your body size. Body-shaming at its finest. They'd either say "try shedding off some pounds" or "try to gain some weight. I just can't seem to understand. Motherhood is not a bikini competition, for crying out loud. You've just got to embrace your body shape. Don't change it just to please these kinds of people. Get a life.

18. You'd realize that you can love more than what you think.You have such big heart for your kids even when they get on your nerves sometimes. There's always that feeling that you're a successful mother and some down points that you simply think you were a total failure. Mixed emotions are always part of being a freaking tough mother.

19. There will always be instances that you'd want to get away from your responsibility as a mother and chase some broken dreams. But when you think on who will bathe and feed your kids, you'd immediately shut the idea of escaping.

20. You'd simply wish that fried foods are packed with nutrients coz it's the easiest thing to prepare and they always are completely consumed. Who the heck spread the news that eating fried food is unhealthy? Who? Oh how you wish that all vegetables would taste good to your kids.

Motherhood isn't an easy one. No one has said that. Yet it's an experience worth the ride. It's the most memorable stage of being a human being. And I thank God for this womb and big heart.


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