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To kill your boredom (waiting for Season 7 inflicts so much boredom,don't you think?), check out some interesting facts below about G...

21 Game of Thrones Interesting Facts

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To kill your boredom (waiting for Season 7 inflicts so much boredom,don't you think?), check out some interesting facts below about Game of Thrones. There are actually tons of them online, but these ones are my favorite. Some of them got me saying "Ahh.....Reaally?...".Enjoy reading.

1. The Red Keep, which houses the Royal Family of Westeros, was completed during the reign of King Maegor "The Cruel" Targaryen. After its completion King Maegor slaughtered everyone who worked n the castle to preserve its secret.

2.All dead Starks were killed on an Episode 9.

3. Well-loved Kit Harrington did all his own stunts for the Episode "The Battle Of The Bastards".

4.George R.R. Martin gave the rights of adapting his books as a t.v series to the show producers during their first meeting back in 2007 after they correctly guessed that Lyanna Stark is Jon Snow's real mother.

5. Peter Dinklage who plays the character of Tyrion Lannister is the only American actor from the show's main cast. (His accent sounded like a Native Brit though)

6. Season 6 finale episode "The Winds of Winter" is the episode with the most deaths of named characters in the show's history with 11 character deaths.

7. Cersei Lannister is the first woman in over 100 years to sit on the iron thone.

8. Game of Thrones is now the first series ever to have two episodes with perfect 10/10 ratings with "Battle of the Bastards" and "The Winds of the Winter".

9. The Season 6 Finale is named after George R.R Martin's unreleased sixth book of this series "The Winds of Winter".

10. Iwan Rheon who played the character Ramsay Bolton originally auditioned, and was second choice for the role of Jon Snow. The show's producers liked his audition so much that they asked him to return to play Ramsay in Season 3.

11. Britain's royal family members Kate Middleton and Prince Harry has founded a genuine friendship after watching Game of Thrones together.

12. Stephen Dillane who played Stannis Baratheon hated being on Game of Thrones. He said he never understood the show's popularity and that he was glad he won't be coming back in the set since his character is killed off.

13. It took 9-10 hours to apply the detailed and complex make up and costume of the children of the forest.

14. George R.R. Martin openly admitted that Osha, played by Natalia Tena (popularly known as Tonks in Harry Potter series) is one of the few characters in the show that were better than the version from his books.

15. Emilia Clarke happily agreed to do the nude scene from "Book of the Stranger" episode despite her non-nudity clause in her contract. She said that the reason behind such is that its an empowering and necessary scene.

16.During the Winterfell flashback in Season 6, young Ned Stark advises his brother Benjen to "Keep your shield up,or  I'll ring your head like a bell," which is exactly what Jon Snow tells Olly in the Season 5 premiere.

17. In the episode of "Book of the Stranger" Tyrion tells Missandei that a clever man once said "You make peace with your enemies, not your friends". The clever man was actually Littlefinger who said this line back in Season 1 to Ned Stark when he urged him to make peace with the Lannisters instead of revealing that Joffrey Baratheon was actually Jaime and Cersei's bastard.

18. The flashback in season 6 revealed the real name of Hodor is Wylis, although his real name in the book is actually Walder.

19. Kit Harrington was told about Jon's Resurrection months before the filming of Season 5, and he had to lie to everyone including his cast members. Sophie Turner who plays Sansa Stark actually wrote him a deep goodbye letter telling him that she will miss him badly.

20. Ramsay Bolton killed his father Roose, the same way Roose killed Robb Stark in Season 3.

21. Season 6 is the most expensive season yet, with a whooping over $10 million+ per episode. Good thing they got great reviews for this season. Check this blog for more GoT updates and fun facts.

Source: Gameoffacts


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