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Running doesn't only shed off some pounds which is mostly the reason why people would go and run for few kilometers everyday. There ar...

5 Good Reasons Why You Should Start Running Now

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Running doesn't only shed off some pounds which is mostly the reason why people would go and run for few kilometers everyday. There are also long-term health benefits of running that will inspire you to get on your running shoes and hit the track. Below are the reasons why you should consider running as a great form of  exercise.

1. Running makes you live longer. According to  Duck-chul Lee, assistant professor in Kinesiology at Iowa State University, running for just 5-10 minutes a day could add three years to your precious life. He was also the lead author in a study conducted back in 2014 that found out that consistent runners had a lower risk of of cardiovascular disease and death from all causes compared to people who never run at all.

2. Running makes your bones stronger and less likely to get injured. When you hit your 30's, you start to lose bone density. That's why Dr. Cathy Feiseler, a sports medicine physician at Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics in Tyler, Texas says that you should start running earlier in life to build strong bones. But if you just recently started to run, Dr. Feiseler recommends alternating running and walking 20 minutes every other day to condition your bones before you go for a longer run. She further said to shorten walking minutes once your bones get used to the impact.

3. Running releases energy to keep you energized throughout the day. Exposure to bright light when you jog or run in the morning makes you feel more awake which beats out fatigue and drowsiness. It also sets you in a good mood adding to overall sense of vitality.

4. Running helps you sleep better. According to Kelly Glazer Baron, assistant professor of Neurology at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, as you age you get less "deep sleep" which is associated with restoration of physical and mental health. A research conducted by Baron, she found out that low-intensity walking and running three times a week resulted in better nights of sleep for women over age 55 which suffers from insomnia.

5. Running keeps your mind sharp. Researchers from the University of British Columbia found out that regular aerobic exercises like running, enhances memory performance. In their study conducted back in 2014, women ages from 70-80 with mild cognitive impairment who ran have a larger hippocampus which is an area of the brain that controls memory and one of the first areas damaged by Alzheimer's disease- the most common form of dementia.


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