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If a woman came from a man's rib, how come they weren't gifted with the ability to understand us? Men think we are the hardest cre...

5 Things That A Man Can't Usually Understand

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If a woman came from a man's rib, how come they weren't gifted with the ability to understand us? Men think we are the hardest creature to understand despite their innate superior logic (as men would proclaim). Women are always unpredictable, moody and sometimes doesn't make any sense at all.

But can you blame us? We are the very creature who possess a brain who runs crazy at all times (house management, bills payment, errands, career, wife responsibilities, kids' day out and so much more everyday). While our brain functions tremendously, so does our emotions. There's always the expectation for us to express a variety of emotions for every instances. A woman's day can be exciting, happy, grumpy, anxious, bored, and mad, just to name a few.

That's who we are. We know, you love us dearly. But there are just some things that you guys think are way too hard to fathom. Is it? Here I've rundown the top five things that a man can't seem to understand about us.

5. Spending way too long in the bathroom

The bathroom is every woman's haven. Pardon us if we spend too long but please refrain from knocking on the door or banging it loudly. We heard you but spending some more "me time" in there keeps our sanity intact.

This is one way for us to de-stress our body and mind. Bathroom time also allows us to sing our heart out (though you may often hear some off-key notes) or simply stare at the ceiling longer for some grown ups' decisions.

4. Fixing ourselves too long in front of the mirror

If mirrors are like ticking bomb, women would have it detonated every single day. For the record, we're definitely not Narcissistic. We just love the feeling of being gorgeous especially when we step out of the house's doorsteps.

When women think and feel that they look good, they can accomplish greater heights. So stop complaining. Set and make yourself comfortable instead for an hour or more waiting time.

3. That cloud-nine feeling of shopping around

When a man gets into a store, he already knows what to buy and where to go. But when you're a woman, you love to shop around before buying what you really want.

It may sound inconvenient to men, but women always find happiness when they're in a mall. That addictive smell of brand new stuff is so inviting that no woman can't resist.

We also believe that it is a must to check other things out before you head on to the counter section. The regret of finding an item better than what you bought is pretty devastating to every woman. It causes insomnia and bad mood the following day. Spoiler alert- most of the time they vent it out to their man.

2. Three or more attempts before wearing the OOTD

I can't simply find the exact words why women are mostly like this, but I guess it all goes down to being comfortable and looking damn good for an added dose of confidence.

1. When we told you we're OK when we're NOT

Yes, this one's a cliche which women really love to use. If you were told that we're OK, we are actually not. We want to be comforted instead of you walking out after you hear us that we're OK. We'd appreciate if you ask us other probing questions until we blurt out what had just happened to us.

That gives us the impression that you are really concerned with our well being and that you'd stick around through bad times. So guys, when you hear us say OK, is doesn't completely mean we are OK.


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