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Weddings! I always get excited every time I am invited to attend a wedding. The vibrant colors, joyous atmosphere, solemn ceremony, to nam...

5 Types of Guests That Couples Shouldn't Invite On Their Wedding Day

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Weddings! I always get excited every time I am invited to attend a wedding. The vibrant colors, joyous atmosphere, solemn ceremony, to name a few - reminds me the same feeling I felt back when I was the one who walked down the aisle.

But not all guests share the same happiness with the newly weds and its family. They are those few who came over not to celebrate the union, but instead be there for some wicked personal motives.

 If there's any way that we can sift through these guests before adding them on guest the list, that'd be a huge relief. Get to know them - the wedding guests that shouldn't make it to on your invitation list.

The Aspirant Food Critic

These are the ones who bluntly gives out unsolicited food reviews during the reception. They love eating almost all the food laid on the table (you see how their eyes twinkle over the wide array of food) yet gives out bad comments (duh).

Just for the record, you're not in a newly opened resto and you're not even a food writer on the first place. I bet some of them can't even cook a decent meal for breakfast. Hello, morning cereals!

The Jackass Leader of the Flock

They can't stand a minute being alone. This person always love to be surrounded with few people (er, many?) thus they bring the whole squad with them when invited. It makes them popular in their own circle of friends and even cooler if they can get their squad into the reception without the prying eyes of the event's coordinator? How did they do that? 

These invitees who have the guts to invite someone else to tag along with (at their own will and discretion) deserves no space in the wedding, at all. Are they willing to pay the excess head count for their meal? Hosting a wedding is kind a pricey, just so you know. Well, charged it to the newly weds!

The Bride-Wannabe

It is just but right to give this special day to the bride. All eyes should be on her while she gracefully walk, donning her stunning wedding gown. But there are those who'd really want to steal that moment (such a pain in the a**).

These are those who aim to outshine the bride by wearing provocative, glamorous dress with a well-contoured make up. If I am the bride, I'd impose certain dress codes to get away with these scene-stealer lads. "I'm the bride and this should be my day, b**ch!" would do well as a special note on the invitations.

The Nega-trons

A wedding is a celebration of love. Happy vibes should always be observed while on this. Grumpiness and negativity deserves no room in this kind of event. Unluckily, there will always be the unexpected "nega-trons" among the guests. You'd never know them until you hear them say,

"Uhm, actually they don't look good together"

"I wonder if they'll have charming babies"

"They'll soon regret this untimely decision"

"I didn't see this coming. She/He looks so adorable with XY. Her/His breakup with XY had perhaps been so devastating for him/her"

"This marriage won't last long. Wanna bet?"

I mean, WTF?! These nonsense talk are the last thing we'd ever want to hear at a wedding. Newly weds should kick out butts of these ill-wishers who pretend to be good sheep. Respect please, respect!

The Annoying Marriage Counselor

I know, I know we're new on this. But that doesn't mean that you can bombard us with your marriage tips. What may work for you for the past 10 years, may not work for us. Newly weds appreciate though the fact that your concern with their relationship.

That's so adorable of you. But they've also done some research before deciding to get married. They wouldn't marry on the first place if they know nothing what lies ahead. An advice or two would be pleasant to the ears. Smile now. 


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