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When you hear the word " cheating " it is often linked to " sexual infidelity ". Little did we know, cheating isn'...

6 Acts of Cheating That You Probably Didn't Know

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When you hear the word "cheating" it is often linked to "sexual infidelity". Little did we know, cheating isn't exclusively labeled to having sexual affair with someone else outside of your marriage/relationship. These I called the "subtle cheating".

These are acts that are usually happening in today's modern setting. There's no sexual affair involved but these sort of "subtle cheating" are even far worse because they happen everyday, casually and you probably didn't realize it. Yes, everyday.

As defined by Merriam-Webster, an act of cheating is "to prevent someone from having something that he/she deserves or was expecting to get".

Big words, right? Deprivation is perhaps the best word to describe the above statement. I know you might have already run down the list on what were deprived to you by your partner. Here I've listed the top 6 forms/acts of subtle cheating that deserves a heads up and immediate fixing from all couples out there.

6. Flirting With Someone Else

If you're in a relationship, you set your self exclusivity with your chosen partner. Intimacy, physical contact, time, are example of few things you vow to share only with your partner. But when one of you extends to share it with someone else, obviously, cheating is happening, mate.

When you see your partner happily enjoying an opposite sex's company, sharing good laugh, goofing around happily like they have their own world, what would you feel? Would it be right to call it "flirting"? Should those kind of moments be shared just between you two?

It may seems normal, without any malice at all to them, but the mere act of sharing mutual easiness of hanging around together, sends a signal that they can work out a relationship far more than friendship. There may be no sexual activity involved, but acts like these are worth considering as a form of cheating.

5. Watching Porn Most of The Time

Men are usually into these kind of stuff. Sex strengthens a relationship, without a doubt. The skin-to-skin contact that couples share during this act assures that your partner is still into you.

Porn sites also come handy at times when you and your partner would like to try a more adventurous kind of love making. But if he would rather stare at a porn star's eye-popping curves and steamy moves, rather than performing it with you, then its more or less saying that you can't give same enjoyment and satisfaction he gets when watching those.

You were already deprived the chance to share an intimate and gratifying moments. Cheating? Yes, definitely.

4. Staring To Someone Else, Even When You're Around

Seriously? A guy would really dare do that in front of his girl?

Sorry guys, but men usually has the higher proven tendency to stare to someone else whose attractive to their eyes compared to women. Although this kind of admiration doesn't linger too long on their mind; but the fact that you stared for few seconds (minutes perhaps) to a total stranger rather than keeping your eyes fixated on your partner, is a demoralizing act to the other party.

Your partner deserves all the compliments from you and one way of doing that is assuring that no one, not even a Cap D boobs and a "Kim Kardashian" butt, can take your eyes off of her. Because your not interested in someone else's boobs and butt but only hers. Get it, guys?

3. No-More-Courting-Now-That-Were-Together Mindset

That damn mindset is totally obsolete. Courting should never stop now that you're together or have tied the knot. Relationships need regular watering to keep it alive. When left neglected, it withers down and turn to dust.

Couples, men to be exact (sorry again, guys), already have that notion that since they have proven their love already, should stop doing things they have done to win over their women's heart. A man's only responsibility is to remain loyal to his partner. Period. No more surprises, flowers, love notes and other cheesy stuff.

But have you guys ever thought what's the reason why you were allowed to get into your woman's life? Have you?

Should it only be fair to give her the same ecstatic feeling you were able to imprint back when you were just courting? Would making her feel happy and giddy takes too much of your time? Is it not happiness that you vowed (while swearing upon the heavens) to win her resounding yes?

You're actually doing a favor for yourself if you allow your woman to be happy while with you. And you both deserve to be happy.

2. Too Much Unnecessary Time Spent Online

If there's the downside of having Facebook very accessible to anyone, is that it takes away too much precious time from our partner which could have been spent solely on you. So Mark Zuckerberg, we're not perfectly happy with Facebook around.

 This probably is the most common act of cheating happening everyday. Would you be happy when your partner stalks and scrolls too much on FB while you're there sitting right next to him/her?You deserve most, if not all, the time from your partner.

When you both get your hands off from any task and urgent to-do's, it is just but right to spend time with your partner. By this, I don't mean sitting side by side while getting hooked online. Talk. Communicate. Tell each other some funny stories or plan something together.

Relationships often crumble down when one of you slowly grow apart from the other.

1. Simple Lies

Be it white, black lies and whatever color of lies- it's still a LIE.  Why is there a need to lie when you can just say the truth? Oh please, drop that line "the truth hurts".

A small lie can eventually grow into a big lie (and no one knows what next). If your partner has already get used to it and has mastered the art of lying, then it would be too effortless for her/him to conceal the truth.

The feeling of being betrayed takes too much toll on the victim. Earning back the trust which was once given to you, is as hard as putting back all the broken pieces of a shattered glass.

So the next time you ask permission from your wife that you want to have a boy's night out, tell her outright. Instead of saying you'll be in the office for an after-office-hours' tasks. You might give her the impression that you're having an affair, instead.

Though it may take too much convincing from you, your partner would appreciate the honesty and won't make it hard for you the next time you ask her go signal.

Is your partner guilty with these acts? Talk it out and let him/her know how you feel. Early fixing is way better than being too late. Do you have something else on your list? Share it to us and let everyone know.


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