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If you are a mother, calling it a day as early as 8 p.m is such a treat to rest your burned body and mind. Lucky for you if you get them to ...

How My Son's Late Trip To Bed Make Me A Productive Mom

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If you are a mother, calling it a day as early as 8 p.m is such a treat to rest your burned body and mind. Lucky for you if you get them to sleep without waking up in the middle of the night just to assure your crying little tots that there's no witch/monster lurking outside the window (and you need to say it at least 5 times, yep sounds tiring). But never again will you be able to doze off first while your little ones are madly awake. Putting them to bed is a struggle!

Milk drink before bed, bedtime story-telling, night bathe, even energy sucking activities at night - I've tried them all just for my toddlers, especially my boy, to go to sleep before my eyes voluntarily shut. But, damn, he won't! A normal sleeping time for him is 11 pm and in rare occasions, 1 am. Yes, imagine that- 1 a.m. while I wake up before 6 a.m. Five-hour sleep is normal for any moms. And that five-hour will never be a sound sleep, mind you.

Despite that, I find that tragic sleep deprivation a good one for me. Why? I become a productive mama- a sleepy productive mama, to be exact. While my kids are still tuck in their bed, I can grab a morning cup of coffee to start my day, sit down and think how to basically manage my day. While I have my priorities for the day all set (though I'd still call it lucky to be able to follow rigidly half on the list), I still have the time to charge up, compose myself rather than racing the time before the kids wake up. If my son stay up late, that would definitely mean he'd wake up late- declaring 8 a.m. as too early.

The moment he wakes up, I've already prepared breakfast, cleaned up the dishes (from last night and early morning's dishes- I don't usually do those stuff at night,uh uh..), done the laundry (this one is a battle to get it done in one go), clean the house (which will eventually turn into a disastrous place once the toys are all over the place), bathe my eldest and check my emails and blog.

However, I've never done those things with no interruption. I would still need to scoot off to the bedroom for moo time when my nearly 2-year old son cries. At his age, yes, I'm a proud mom breastfeeding my not-so-baby boy. He then goes back to sleep after grabbing some light milk drink between his sleep. What a waste of time with those in between trips especially when you're a mom trying to get everything done before the little ones are up and hyped.

I'd still call the late night sleep a blessing for me to start the next day right. But I'd got to be honest, I always  wish I got to be the first one to sleep and the last one to get up. That would make a happy fully-awaked productive human being. But for now, I might need to stick with being a sleepy yet productive mama. This shall pass. Crossing my fingers.


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