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When you have a house to run on your own, young ones to chase and take care of, husband to attend to and a money-making opportunity to w...

Silly Moments With Our Little Ones That Keep Parenting A Tolerable One

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When you have a house to run on your own, young ones to chase and take care of, husband to attend to and a money-making opportunity to work on - you probably have nothing left for your self except for occasional headaches and noticeable laugh lines and crow's feet.

As bad as it may seem, there's still a lighter part on this so called parenting. Kids are the bluntest creature you'll have to deal with, and they're funny when they act one.

Their innocence just simply make you burst out in a good laugh and realizes that their approach is way damn cooler than what you see those dudes been doing on TV.

Let's start passing around the wine now as we relive some of these silly and funny moments with our little ones.

1, When you impart your little ones with the value of giving and they tell you that Santa should not only just be giving gifts during Christmas. If Santa has a toy factory, it just but fair to give gifts weekly or even monthly and not just on Christmas day.

Right on the dot kid. We'll send a note to Santa and his elves if they're amenable to that.

2. We always remind our cuties to drink milk so they'll be taller and stronger. But when they see you drinking a cup or more likely cups of coffee, they'll start acting like an adult and goes on something like this, "Why aren't you drinking milk? I guess you should stop drinking coffee because you're not growing even an inch at all and your bones are too weak to carry a basket of laundry."

I might have to burn down that pile of laundry so I won't have to carry it around, what do you think baby?

3. When you tell them they're big enough to eat on their own just so you can skip a time consuming spoon feeding task and yet too little to wash the dishes. This sort of statements actually leave our kids puzzled on which is which and if mom/dad are still on their proper state of minds.

Once they figured it out, it amuses you when they cry and said "I just can't seem to understand grown ups. I don't want to grow up anymore. NO".

Hush  hush baby, likewise here, I can't even understand myself lately.

4. Kids always find it silly when we warn them  not to eat certain foods by calling it "spicy". Then all out of nowhere this sort of act backfires onto us when we want to have a bite with their cookies. Seriously? I've never known that cookies these days are spicy.

5. It's quite funny when you caught them having this kiddie conversation while imitating your tone and overused lines like, "Sleep now or I'll call up the boogeyman" or " Whaaat?? It's past 6 am. I mustn't have heard the alarm". Stuff like that are always funny when you hear them from a 4-year old's mouth.

6. These little creatures are also too fun of annoying mom and dad. I'm not sure if it's on purpose or not, but instead of banging my head on the wall, I'll just burst into laughter for they're too blunt and funny to handle.

Things like when they ask you why were you playing music while doing the laundry and they immediately answer their own question by discussing how therapeutic music can be especially when mom is too stressed to do the washing.

Perhaps this one might be too annoying. It takes you 3-4 hours to put them to sleep and all of sudden your little one thanks you for keeping them company but breaks it gently to you that their eyes aren't tired enough to get them to close. Oh well, sorry about that mom.

Do you have more annoyingly funny stories with your kids? Share it with us and so we can make a longer list to laugh at.


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