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"And they live happily ever after,"- a phrase that we all grow up with that made every little girl dream about their own versi...

Top 5 Signs Your Partner is Cheating on You (A Husband and Wife's Viewpoint)

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"And they live happily ever after,"- a phrase that we all grow up with that made every little girl dream about their own version of a happy ever after with someone that sweeps off their feet. But with how things are going on lately, it seems like those immortal words are only meant to be read, forever printed on books.

Celebrities, who are almost perfect beings, are now often headlined for breakups and divorces even after longer years of being together. Cheating becomes the new norm. Some avoid promises and long-term commitments. Couples often hooked up with an assumption that the relationship they're in are not bound to last. Hence, the popularity of the tagline "there's no such thing as FOREVER".

Despite all of these, I remain to be one of the few hopefuls that believes that my marriage is bound for a lifetime and that my "forever" already lays down beside me.

But it wouldn't hurt if we somehow discuss things like "cheating" (knock on wood...). How will you know if the one you build your life with shows signs of cheating?

Below are the signs of cheating that came into my mind, on a WIFE's perspective. Read on ladies and gents.

5 Signs Your Husband Is Cheating On You

5. Always keep his mobile phone with him or set a password (unknown to you) for his other devices (laptop, tablet and such)

If your hubby has been keeping his phone with him all the time, even when he takes a toilet break at home, then most likely he's hiding steamy exchange of conversation with someone else. Just the mere notification sound from his phone would make him leap off from his seat and reach swiftly for his phone. And when he sets password for his other devices, that simply sends a message to keep your nose off of his monkey business.

4. Lesser quality time with the family.

Wives, especially those who had worked before becoming a stay-at-home-moms, understands how it feels after a tiring day from work.

We all just want to lay in bed and doze off. But if your man is still committed to his family more importantly YOU, he'd surely make it a point to spend precious minutes to hang around with his family. If you're seeing that he lately prefers more "me time", goes home late more often and been missing-in-action during special family days, then your man have a new-found mate to spend more time with.

3. He doesn't want you to drop by at the office unannounced.

Or he doesn't want to tag you along during company occasions which outsiders are welcome to join in. In short, he forbids you to get near to his work place. OK, we get it, there's something fishy going on with him and with one of his co-workers perhaps.

Or, the people he works with knows his "not-so-secret-affair" already and that he's avoiding a scene that you'd bumped into someone else who'd spill the beans for you.

Guys, if you're dead proud of your wife and hides nothing, then be proactive enough in letting her join some company outings or invite her during free time to drop by at your office (or just let her check on you anytime she wants, could that be too much?).

2. He no longer cares a bit about any physical contact with you (not just exclusively through sex but kissing, touching and hugging).

His coldness is very obvious. He lately declines some bed scenes with you and the day ends not even a hug, a kiss or any intimate contact with you. These are signs that he's starting to feel un-attracted to you and has lost that special connection you once shared. Even if you do the first move, he may either respond lightly (women can read that body language easily, mind you) or not at all.

1. You seem to get into his nerves easily lately.

Simple questions from you would irritate him easily and more often. He either raises his voice or shows that his uninterested to anything that has something to do with you. 

From short stories on how both of your day went along to planning a weekend activity- he shows not even a slight interest to it coz for him time spent with you would already be a waste of energy for him.

He doesn't care for you anymore because someone else has made him preoccupied already. Maybe he's looking forward to something with someone else.

Now you've read my part. And so I asked my husband to make his own list. (Strictly no copying, hubby!)

How will a husband know if his wife is cheating on him? This is the HUSBAND's perspective. See what made it on his list.

5 Signs That Your Wife is Cheating on You

5. Don’t have time to hang out with you

Every time you invite her to go out of town, she probably just want to stay in the house. Unlike the time when you are still starting your relationship, the two of you are almost inseparable.

4. Always going out with friends

She's always on the go when her friends invite her to go out. But when you ask her to go out, she would probably decline most of the time. Why is that?

3. Always not in the mood when you are around

She always want to start an argument. No more sweet conversation and no more communication. You know communication is very important to every relationship.

You might heard some stories about a broken relationship. But since they still have communication with each other, they were able to reconcile their relationship.

2. Rarely want to have sex with you

Sex is very important especially to couple. It strengthens your relationship when you do it with love. So if your wife don't want to have sex with you, then there's something wrong with it.

1. Don’t touch my cellphone

Probably you will see her face most of time on her cellphone. She could be smiling every time you see her and she won't tell you why. And the worst thing is, she will get mad at you when you touch her phone. (Secrets?)

Cellphone is the root of cheating, were all communications happened. Check your wife's phone always when she is away.

Well, seems like we both have same ideas. What's on your list? (And take note, women really shares lot of thoughts for almost everything compared to men. See the difference above?)


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