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You can't get away with any worries for your children. Everyday you think of it because you know the struggles of being a parent, and ...

Top 5 Worries Of A Father For His Children

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You can't get away with any worries for your children. Everyday you think of it because you know the struggles of being a parent, and the difficulties that they will be facing if they'll be one someday. Since you've been there, as much as possible, you want it to be easy for them to take the next step.

But worrying may sometimes be good for you.

If you worry about their future, that means you are being attentive to every details and that will help you plan ahead for their brighter future. And so, I've listed down my top 5 worries as a father.

5. Will I Be Able To Provide Their Needs And Wants?

If you are an average father living an average life with your wife and kids, probably you will think of this everyday. What will I do to provide their needs and wants? How will I do it? I need to have a part time job aside from my regular job.

You will try to do anything that will come up on your mind just to earn some extra cash.

As a father, you only want what's best for your children. As much as possible you want to provide all their needs and wants.

4. I Hope They Will Grow Up As A Good Person

How you will guide your children will reflect with their attitude and perspective in life. If your children have a bad attitude, Who else's fault could it be?

But if your children have good morals, the parents would be very proud of themselves. Because they feel that they have raised their kids in the right way.

3. No Early Pregnancy / No Early Fatherhood

A father would not really want his son or daughter to take a parent responsibility at an early age. This is already an issue for this generation, as many teenagers suffer from early pregnancy or fatherhood.

Honestly, I am not sure how to prevent this from happening as I am not always on their side. All I can do this is to educate them when they are already at the right age.

For now, I just let them enjoy first their childhood.

2. Will They Be Successful in Their Career?

Every parents want their children to have a successful life. Great career. Very nice income. In short, they can live their own lives even when we are not around.

Seeing your children grow up like this is an achievement that can never be bought.

I really hope that a great career is waiting for them.

1. I Hope They Will Find The Right Person That Will Bring Joy to Their Life

I will always pray for them that they will find their true love at the right time at the right age. I am not sure if my word will suffice to stop them from getting a boyfriend / girlfriend until they graduate.

But all I really want is for them to graduate first before jumping in a relationship. I just hope that their relationship would be like us.

If you didn't know, my wife is my first girlfriend, my first kiss, my first love, my first of all the first. And best of all I am also her first.

So I will just pass a message for my son, that he should never play anyone's heart. As for my daughter, I will just let my wife do the message for her.


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