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From the moment we wake up and close our eyes to sleep, mothers always have to battle with these worries. You can't help but just let ...

Top 5 Worries Of A Mother For Her Children

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From the moment we wake up and close our eyes to sleep, mothers always have to battle with these worries. You can't help but just let out a deep breath and wonder what tomorrow would bring especially for our little ones.

I could write down a long list for you or even spend an afternoon narrating how these worries burden every mothers out there. But then I'd rather use those hours cleaning up this once clean house turned into a garage of misplaced toys. This too is another worry, is there an end to these? I guess no.

Mothers just need to swallow the immortal truth that a mother has pretty lot of stuff going on her mind day by day. Below are the ones that always haunt me even on my sleep (and that's how mothers are).

5. Too worried about them earning a college degree

If there's only one thing that we can pass onto our kids  aside from the values instilled to them, that will take them further is perhaps education. Although, I'm one of those who strongly believe that a right attitude towards life will even take to you to greater heights, but I can't negate the fact that earning a college degree gives them an edge, a higher probability rate to succeed or be able to live at least a decent life.

4. Am I giving them the proper food or lifestyle that will make them a healthy grown up someday?

I've always wanted to raise a healthy family. Being healthy means being happy, as for me. A proper state of mind and body, allows every individual to take on every challenges down the road. I don't want to carry that guilt or be on that "blame-it-on-me" scenario if my family, my kids, got into some health issues especially if I know that I could have done something beforehand to avoid those worrisome instances.

3. Will I be able to raise them as individuals with good morals and values?

It always comes back to how you were raised by your parents. A child starts his first learning at home. Good parents raises good kids while bad ones, don't. Although, I'm not totally into that notion because I've known few people who chooses to walk on the right path despite being raised in an unlighted way.

But as a parent, I always pray that someday my kids would appreciate me,us, for raising the way they were and that it helped them to become a better person.

2. I pray that they will find the right person at the right time.

I've been through a lot of mess in life. But if there's one thing I would forever be thankful to Him is giving me the right partner to share my life with. And I pray the same thing would happen to my kids.

Every mother prays that her kids would find someone to grow old with, share the beauty of life and love them like how we do. It pains to see your sons/daughters cope up with heartbreaks and start anew. As parents, all we can do is guide them and tell them to take their time and never hurry for love for the right one will always come.

1. Would me and my husband live longer to be there for our kids as they grow up?

Losing my mother at the age of 8, made me fear death. I've grown up with a goal to live longer for my kids. I know how it feels being motherless for nearly your entire life and I don't want my kids to be in the same situation I've been through.

I always wanted to be there for them all the way. From their infancy milestones, childhood journey, teenage crazy rides, young adult life and even their married life. I want to witness and share their every happiness and triumphs, standby with them for every struggles and fights, weep for their downs and loss. Or simply be there to chat or cry with.

I want to grow old with a complete and happy family. I simply want to be a mother that they can run to no matter how old are they.


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