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To my childless girl friends, Probably you wouldn't be able to read this on your Facebook news feed unless I tag you with a ...

7 Important Things I Want My Childless Friends To Know

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Love is in the Air

To my childless girl friends,

Probably you wouldn't be able to read this on your Facebook news feed unless I tag you with a caption "Hey ladies, read this. This one is for you". I know, right? There are lot of reasons playing in my head right now on why you wouldn't spare a second reading this but I've narrowed them down to two (you're most welcome); it is either you've fallen in a deep sleep from a booze party last night (good for you) or you just don't care about parenting rants, for now, because you aren't a mother yet to anyone (except for your dogs, of course). I think the last one sounded close.

We may haven't seen each other in a while, but my love for you is bigger than my self-known obsession for mascara and way crazier than a shot of tequila. So before you judge me for missing out a gathering (er, numerous gatherings) and honor me with a Hall of Fame For No-Show, there are quite lot of things that I'd want to say which can be better explained in writing.

(Spoiler Alert***pals, these are not rants but more on friendly tips. Now calm down.)

Sleep like you have never slept for three days. There's an obvious huge difference between our social lives. While you were boozing out with your other non-parent pals last weekend, I was also busy socializing with random parents at the park talking about potty-training and organic baby food choices. But please, make your bed your new found haven. 

We're nearly hitting the 30's ladies, a prime age for motherhood, so please, please sleep for longer hours. Sleep like there's no tomorrow and consider it as a priviledge. Once you'll get into this motherhood life, you'll gradually forget the art of sleeping comfortably on a bed. 

And wait, you can never have the same uninterrupted sleep like what you're enjoying now. You'll definitely going to miss it when scared little creatures would wake you up at wee hours just because there are imaginative bedroom monsters lurking under their bed.

Never be late during gatherings. Every parents are expecting their childless friends to come on time. We would always know if your reasons for being late are legit or plainly fake, because we've pretty mastered that course in this parenthood program. Arriving late during a dinner gathering is sort of lame, for you don't  have kids to dress up, no pair of shoe to search around and no baby/toddler bag to pack like you're bringing the entire house with you. By that, it means that only friends with little ones to tag along are presumably allowed to be late (Yeah, lucky me).

Hoard a closet of undergarments and comfortable clothes. Why am I saying this? When you become a parent, you will rarely get a new stuff for yourself. That extra money always goes to your little ones - new clothes, toys, art materials, books, and blah blah blah. If you happen to reward yourself a dollar or two worth of underwear, guilt starts to haunt you and sink in. One of the many instances when you think you have failed as a mother just because you bought something for yourself over little tyke's third version of barbie doll. 

Oops. Don't forget the yoga pants and PJs. Buy more of them.

Enjoy every time you drink a hot coffee.  Savor its aroma and drink it like it's some sort of a heavenly juice entitled only for kings and queens. This drink will become your life support fluid and your comfort drink whether your happy, grumpy, tired or overwhelmed when you become a mama. Wasting a portion of it is a criminal offense when there are parents out there who are struggling to finish their cup of coffee while it's still hot. Drink it up to its last drop to honor your mother-friends' persistence.

If you're not a fan of coffee, you should learn to love it 'cause you'll have more of it coming. Coffee is everybody's morning stress-buster, and you should take it from someone who's been drinking an average of 2 cups just to get through the day.

Read all the books you've been wanting to read. Buy them  while your hard earned money is all yours and read them while you can. A book lover mom can never finish a book in 1 or 2 sittings. Finishing a 300-paged book is a struggle and would usually be completed a month or two. It frustrates us, really frustrating, when we can't even accomplish one thing that we love to do. So while you still have lots of "me time" - no needy kids wanting your attention, take the opportunity to feed your mind with good stories and hop on great adventures that only books can take you.

Travel and master some packing hacks. See the world and marvel its beauty without the burden of enormous travelling bags (it'll actually get bigger when you decide to travel with your kids, so keep it light for now). Immerse yourself in various cultures and traditions because when you get into the parenthood ride, parks and schools become your daily-to-go places and waking up before 6 AM becomes a new mandatory tradition.

Save up for the rainy days. Oh, this one should be carved on large tablets and be posted on your wall (not your Facebook wall but your bedroom wall). I've got to be serious on this.Yes, be like those tiny ants who always save up for the rainy days. 

Save up for a house (duh, forget the dream house). Save up for your kids' education. Save up for future investments. Save up for a TV (yes, there'll be some replacing going on within the first 10 years..kids? yes.). Save up for food (as kids gets older, they also get hungrier). Save up for various shades of lippies. Save up for babysitter fees (you'll need them one day when your kids has sucked all the energy from you). Just save. Okay?

I have tons of other things to say but I feel like you're almost, almost, hitting that "X" button on the upper right hand corner of your screen while reading this close-to-crap-for-you piece. I'll have to shut up then but that won't stop me from bombarding you with advices (not to scare the hell out of you) when we meet up this Saturday. Please, don't be late. You know the rules.


Mama Bestie


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