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In silence, I watched my precious little angels curled up beneath their fleece blanket in a peaceful slumber. "What the future has ...

A Mother's Dream

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Solar Rainbow greeting me as I awoke on my birthday

In silence, I watched my precious little angels curled up beneath their fleece blanket in a peaceful slumber. "What the future has in store for them?", the same question I have asked myself for a thousandth times.

My constant exposure on various websites, as a blogger and as a mother who kills boredom through reading online articles in hopes of being informed, lead me to a conclusion that a fight for a brighter future for my kids in here will be a tougher one.

We live in a country that needs serious overhauling in its political, economical and social systems that have long been decaying. But how can I hate too much my mother land who gave me a family, friends, mentors, motivators, and a place where I can call home? Perhaps the only thing that saddens me as a mother is that this birth land could no longer promise a safer and brighter future for its younger generation.

In the deepest chamber of my heart though, still, I long that, "This too,shall pass".

While I would somehow consider my kids fairly luckier compared to some other kids in our neighborhood who have left school and shouldered their parents' responsibilities; I can't picture out yet an unclouded road for them. Yes, my boy and girl are privileged enough to enjoy what me and my husband has worked hard for; electronic devices, toys and books, well-thought meals, day-outs, private school, quality family time, to name a few.

Yet, I can't be all happy when in fact there are underprivileged kids roaming just outside our house--neglected for years by its community and even its own parents.

You see some of these unfortunate young ones strolling at the town's park day and night soliciting pennies among bystanders for food or asking a fair share of smoothies and other snacks to fill their growling stomachs. Or if not, they come knocking by house to house at some time asking for leftovers. It pains that there are parents who allow there kids to do these stuff but who am I to judge them if they can't even feed their own mouths. Yes, a part of this blame is on them and the other goes to a system who doesn't consistently treat them right.

This case is not just happening in my neighborhood but in the other parts of this beloved land and some parts of the world.

Finger-pointing won't alleviate their suffering nor it can restore young broken dreams. The mother in me only believes that there's got to be an action needed to protect the lives of this young ones and that one day my dreams  would hopefully come to reality. For I have dreamed...

That one day the streets would soon be a safer place to play and run around even at dusk

That parks and nature attractions should someday outnumber the sprawling malls

That there would be a healthy meal or enough food served on every family's table for at least three times a day

That a good quality of education will also be accessible to the less fortunate ones

That more educational assistance programs and scholarships will be implemented

That sports and extra-curricular activities will be well-supported and funded in every community to produce well-rounded kids without referring to its social strata

That extra health care programs are provided to the young ones to ensure they're growing with a sound mind and body

That stereotyping and abuse among kids would soon zero out

That creating a sustainable life for the future generation will be worked on hardly by those in private and government sectors.

That more jobs will be available especially for marginalized family

That every kid would have a house to come home to

That every kid would have a happy and nurturing family to live with

That every kid would have a peaceful place to grow

And that one day I dream that there will be no single child experiencing all sorts of suffering  For they are bound to be loved, cared and protected. For all we know, a healthy and happy younger generation is the prime driving force of a successful country.

I couldn't be more happier when that time comes that my effort in raising future responsible citizens will be well-equated with undying support from a system which on the first place should have ensured a better place to live in for its citizenry,--its backbone.

I can only pray that one day my kids would succeed with the rest of every single kids in this country. No one should be left behind; together they'll stand strong to build a nation that we can all be proud of and that those who have gone astray will come running back home greeted with wide open arms.

Just like a mother who showers her kindergartner with warm tight hugs the moment she steps on the front door. Every child deserves this--a happy place.


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