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I was a complete mess,uhm okay, a partial mess, back then. Career is never a word that I would take on seriously. I've never had a j...

Dreams Do Come True, Even For Mommies

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I was a complete mess,uhm okay, a partial mess, back then. Career is never a word that I would take on seriously. I've never had a job that lasted far more than three years. Job hopping, I guess, was my kind of thing and it didn't bother me as long as I'm earning decent money to keep me stretched until the next pay day. Then, my career gave up on me.

Was it fun? Nope. Did I regret for being such? Sort of. Would I want to build a career in a corporate world and dress up like I'm such an asset for a company? NO. Although that could be a nice thing to look forward to, but I know I wouldn't be successful at it if I get up early, drag myself to work for the money and name, dress up like a smart chic and eventually coming home feeling empty and less.

Yes, I can never disagree that a stable career means more food on your table, brighter future for your kids, happy retirement and the list goes on. I would be a total fool If I say money doesn't matter at all to me. When you have  family on your own, money is always on top of the list; and not a day would pass that you wouldn't think on how to rake in extra cash to keep up a sustainable life.

But would it be nice if you get paid for doing what you love? Oh yes, sounds familiar, right? (bet you've read it somewhere on the internet or through a Facebook feed).

Confucius' philosophy has gone viral for years and has eventually struck a mother who was sitting on a kiddie chair one fine day, constantly hovering the mouse over the internet for a work-from-home job and voila...stopped and asked herself on what does she really love to do.

Tehee! That's me...my face on a bigger website.

Well, I could come up with a long list about that. Aside from sleeping, eating pastries, reading good books, fantasizing on engaging some kick-ass sports (tennis, snow boarding, surfing, blah blah blah..), it would be a dream come true to get these printed words beside or below my name as an author/contributor/writer and be published to a wider audience aside from this humble blog. Big dream!

Who would have thought that a mother can still dream big for herself. Who would have thought that while she's busy owning all the chores at home and chasing around her kids, an email would pop up on her 4-year old slightly defective, sluggish laptop with a bold heading "Your Article Has Been Approved".

Yay! The feeling was so ecstatic and it's like winning an argument for the first time with my husband to go out with the kids while the house is all mine for a day.

When English is not your mother tongue, it's sometimes hard to put all your thoughts into words. Rejections become your frienemy; your drive to get better and keep going. And today, I'm one of the living proofs that dreams do come true  and it isn't exclusively for kids and non-parents.

Having kids is not an impediment for us to pursue our dreams, to stop chasing it. Our kids are there to witness a strong woman they call "mama", to triumph over her weaknesses and make her dreams come true.

So if you've been dreaming to put up a business with your baking goods, then do it! Take it one step at a time. Bake with all your heart and try selling it to your neighbors or perhaps online. If you've been wanting to do some arts and crafts, do it now!

Take out those beads, paints and glues. If you've been lusting to add more photos to your portfolio, go out and take beautiful shots. Tag along your kids for they have the loveliest smiles. If you want to be in the corporate world and be an executive, hone your skills online; so when the right time comes, you're already perfectly sharpened.

You may not be able to completely do it without any hurdles, but who cares? If its your dream, claim it even if  you already have kids.

We shouldn't stop chasing it. Our little ones should serve as our dose of inspiration and not an excuse to give up. This new milestone in my life is a game changer for me for it brings in lot of positivity which makes me love myself and my family more.

So you think you're too old or have too many kids to dream, wake up! Dreams still do come true,... even for mommies. Tonight, I'll reward myself for this milestone with a bottle of wine...uhmm,wait that's too pricey,so a cup of my usual morning coffee will do.

P.S. If not for my husband who keeps on bugging me to blog, I wouldn't be where I am right now. So thank you for being my number ONE fan and believing that I can write better than I think I can.


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