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I remember being in my single and carefree years that Friday is the most exciting day as it precedes the most-awaited part of the week- &qu...

This Is How Weekends Should Be Like For Moms

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I remember being in my single and carefree years that Friday is the most exciting day as it precedes the most-awaited part of the week- "weekend". I even felt bad for some who needs to work on the weekends. Whether your single or not, this weekend thing should somehow be spent on self-preservation--partying, traveling, relaxing or just sleeping, if possible. But how hard could that be when you're a mom?

I shouldn't be complaining but I feel like I need to. On weekends, we still do the meal planning, cooking, cleaning, washing of dishes and/or laundry, babysitting, finding every single thing our toddlers asked us to, answering to every "Have you's" from hubby, and repeating it all. If I missed something, that too should add up to the list.

For heaven's sake, this is how weekends should be like for all moms...

GYOM - Get Your Own Meal. I'm calling for a healthy meal timeout. If your household are all able to walk and reach the table or fridge, then please serve yourself. We've probably reached our target for healthy eating this week; a reheated pizza and soda for lunch are totally fine. If you're the picky eater, go for ice cream and glazed doughnuts. I won't freak out as long as you pair your ice cream with other sweets. Promise, I won't F.R.E.A.K out.

Wake me up when the sun is down. I'm unplugging myself from the outside world just for weekends, so you can have the best of me on weekdays. Waking me up won't do any good with my weekend mantra. I, and only I, will decide on what time would I get off from bed. If you have any concern, please go to your Papa. He's also your parent in case you forget that, 'kay?

Mandatory grocery shopping of at least six hours ALONE. It may sound to you that I'm trying to avoid babysitting the kids, but yes--I am! It seems like when mommies do the grocery alone, they find great prices and the right products. There should be no haste in getting to the checkout counter.

Unlimited wine. We're so done with coffee on weekdays. It's weekend! Moms have all the right to reward herself with bottles of wine with no remorse. If in case I passed out, then carry me to bed without any single complaint (weight topic is banned in our house). Or would it be better if I just lock myself in the bedroom with all these bottles of wine?

Movie marathon for mom. Kids, mom also loves screen time. We've been so generous with the remote control that we think we're almost talking weird like Spongebob and Patrick. It's time for some normal tv shows, at least on weekends.

CLAYGO--Clean As You Go. Don't expect Mama to clean after your mess on weekends. At this time, clean up once you're done scattering your toys all over the floor, clean up the table and your plates once you're done eating, clean up the toilet bowl after you miss your aim, clean up your own vomit after you throw up, clean up before you go to bed; just clean up 'cause your mama dear is on cleaner off-mode during weekends.

House party with fellow mommies. This is the coolest thing to do on weekends. No baby on a boob, toddler pulling pants and hubby to serve. Moms should have at least a house party every other weekend with vibrant House music to dance to, sweets, chips, dips and booze to highlight the menu. Don't bother calling us at this hours. This is our kind of Super Bowl. Woo-hoo!

By the way, if you can't me find me around the house this weekend, I'm probably at some nail salon downtown; getting a mani and pedi for my Hobbit-ish toenails. In case you don't know how a Hobbit's feet look like, then visit Google for help and not my help 'cause this is how weekends should be like for all moms.


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