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I'm on my way home riding a jeepney from work when I saw a motorcycle accident. The lady with her boyfriend were crashed in the highwa...

Will You Be Calm Enough In A Worse Situation Like This?

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I'm on my way home riding a jeepney from work when I saw a motorcycle accident. The lady with her boyfriend were crashed in the highway. Luckily, they were just fine and no major injuries.

At that moment, I remembered the short story from a text message back in High School.

And I really want to share this...

The story begins...

It's almost dark and wife is preparing a dinner.

Then suddenly she receives an unexpected call inviting her to a attend a birthday party at 9 PM . Even though she didn't want to attend since it's already late, she just can't turn down her close friend. So she packed her things and went to the party.

Her husband is also working at that time and will be out at 11:30 PM.

So she called up her husband if he can fetch her so they can go home together. Without any hesitation the husband said, "Yes".

When it's already 11:30 PM, her husband rushed to the party with his motorcycle to fetch her. Since this is an unexpected event, his husband was not able to bring an extra helmet.

While on their way home from the party, her wife noticed that his husband is driving too fast. 

So her wife ask her to slow down, "Honey, please slow down".

Her husband replied, "OK. Honey, I just want to go home and rest. Will you please take off my helmet and wear it instead?"

The curious wife asked her husband "why?"

"Just take it off please. Honey, would you promise me to be happy everyday, for the rest of your life? I always love seeing your smile like what I saw a while ago at the party," said the husband.

The wife was startled and got more curious on her husband's choice of words, "Okay, I can do that," she answers.

"Good," said the husband.  He paused for a while, and turned his eyes to the side mirror watching lovingly his wife's face while she's adjusting the helmet on her head. "I love you so much, Honey. Nothing can change that," he added with a shaky voice.

On the next morning, there's a headline report on a newspaper about a motorcycle accident involving a husband and wife.

The wife survived but the husband was not lucky enough to escape death. While on their way home, the husband noticed his out of break and there's no way that the two of them will be spared.

Instead, he chose to give his helmet to his wife so she'll go on with her life, even if its means without him.


This may not be the exact story because I didn't memorize it, but the thought is still the same.

Now...What have you learn from this story?

I will tell you one...

Keep Calm. Even in a Worse Situation. I know that this may be hard, but you should. In order for you to think right, and do what is right. In this story the husband decided to save the life of his beloved wife, even though it will cost his own life.

What's yours?...


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