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I've always wanted to have my own food blog. Creating new recipes and capturing beautiful food images make food blogging more fun. But...

11 Family-Friendly Food Blogs That Every Moms Should Check Out

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I've always wanted to have my own food blog. Creating new recipes and capturing beautiful food images make food blogging more fun. But with my schedule now, I'd have that dream set aside first and concentrate more on being a better mom for my family and of course a better cook.

Trust me, I have this thing for cooking, but if I realize that the steps are way too complicated (for my skills), I'd rather stop and toss the usual easy-to-cook meal on the table. But when you're a mom, you knew that you should try harder. So, I've listed some mom and family-friendly blogs below for some inspiration and hashtag goals for every mom.

I may have missed some but these food blogs are my faves (in no particular order). You may want to print out the list and put it on your fridge's door for your reference, just in case. Enjoy browsing!

The Healthy Family And Home

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"Healthy" seems to be well-defined on Karielyn's blog. Aside from creating healthy and easy recipes with minimal ingredients, her blog also provides resources of where to buy hard-to-find quality and organic ingredients. Oh, she also had done her research on the nutrition facts of ingredients used in her recipes. She's definitely dead serious about the word "healthy". No GMO's, MSG, artificial colors, refined bleached flour and table salt and more.

Must-try: Vegan Kung Pao Chickpea Stir-Fry


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Catherine blogs about easy to prepare meals, with minimal ingredients yet nutritious.Weelicious believes that kids should be involved in the cooking process so they can raise questions and get to know well the food they'll be eating. The more are they involve in healthy cooking, the more likely they are to pick healthy food choices as they grow up. Check out this site's first foods and toddler recipes.

Must-try: Banana Sushi

 Pinch of Yum

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Couple, Lindsay and Bjork, are the minds behind Pinch of Yum's success with Lindsay doing mostly the recipe and Bjork with the technical stuff and income report. Lindsay officially left her teaching job to be a full-time food blogger back in 2014. You can find mostly vegetarian dishes on this site and recipes inspired by their friends and family, restaurants and food cravings. to name a few, with a little bit of tweaking and Lindsay's personal touch. Oh, the videos are a great aid, too.

Must try: Baked Mozzarella Chicken Rolls

Nourishing Meals

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This site is rich with recipes which are organic, gluten-free and dairy-free. Alissa, who had been an advocate for healthy eating since she was 10, wrote down all her recipes when she was pregnant with her first daughter in 2001 due to friends and family's demand.Now, her recipes have been shared to the world to cook real and healthy food.

Must-try: Gluten-free + Vegan + Sugar-free Chocolate Cake

100 Days of Real Food

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Dare to eat real food for 10 days? How about 100 days? Lisa blogs about eating "real food"and cutting out on well-labeled processed food. From meal recipes to kid's lunches, Lisa's blog got it all covered. And now you think eating real food is expensive? Well, check out her family's 100 Days of Real Food On A Budget posts with a weekly budget of  $125 for a family of four.

Must try: Sweet Potato Casserole

Veggies Don't Bite

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Sophia's focus is creating relatively quick and easy to prepare meals. And the catch? Recipes are all plant-based (as the blog name would say), gluten-free and refined sugar-free, but of course, not flavor-free. She's so admirable too to accept that it's kinda hard to attain living that perfect healthy life as she's 90% of the way there. Kudos to you Sophia!

Must-try: Vegan Pizza Burrito

Fork and Beans

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For desserts and sweet treats, this site is a good reference, plus the creatively fun photos, too. Aside from those, Cara's also baking allergen-friendly food for the family. Taking from her own experience, she started her blog to help those people who have dietary restrictions to feel normal again and that it is still good even if you opt out certain ingredients.

Must try: Paleo Chocolate Tortillas

She Let Them Eat Cake

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Maggie, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, takes her passion for food and health to this blog. Her blog features tasty and gluten-free sweet treats. Baking gluten-free goodies started after her husband was diagnosed with Celiac Disease back in 2004. Maggie and her gluten-free family is all about indulging to tasty, well, gluten-free treats.

Must-try: Carrot-Banana Streusel Muffins

Annie's Eats 

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Annie is a dose of inspiration to moms out there who aren't fearless enough in the kitchen. A Physician by profession, Annie started her blog in 2007 as a hobby and has since grown with a huge following. She blogs about her cooking and baking adventures while continually improving her skills and having fun doing it.

Must-try: Apple Custard Bars

Be A Healthy Mom

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A former attorney and now a stay-at-home mom and Certified Health and Lifestyle Coach, Leslie's blog is a great find for moms especially those experiencing the hormonal roller coaster. It doesn't just offer healthy recipes but also health tips and health consultation program.

Must-try: Veggie Burgers

Good Cheap Eats

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Jessica, her family of eight, had a new year goal and that is to spend $1000 on groceries, lesser than what the USDA has predicted for a family like hers. Her blog is rich with saving hacks and frugal cooking for every family. Good Cheap Eats features hundreds of recipes, cooking tips, grocery strategies that allows every family to eat well even under on budget and enjoy while doing so. Truly a penny-saver!

Must-try: Ginger-Sesame Turkey Salad

Did I miss your favorite go-to food blog? Share it with us, so we can inform other moms,too.


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