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Sticky fluid gushing on both my thighs. I tried to peek over my big baby bump, to see the amount of water flooding on the floor. Is it tim...

4 Most Valuable Lessons I've Learned After Childbirth

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Sticky fluid gushing on both my thighs. I tried to peek over my big baby bump, to see the amount of water flooding on the floor. Is it time?

 I can't remember if I panicked at that moment knowing that my bag of water just broke out, but I surely remembered my sweaty fingers were trembling as I tried to text blast my family and close friends that I'm heading to the hospital for the fight of my life.

Scared, anxious, thrilled---these, and more got all mixed up. The thought of letting out a tiny human life out of me made me fear death--for myself and for my poor little one. But I guess that explains why "miracle" happened to be a word. Whether you believe someone bigger is out there or you're one of those who commit to none, miracle in giving birth is something worth living up with.

But what moves me more is the fact that childbirth does a lot to you; it's more than just pushing out a creature to life. We may have different childbirth stories to tell, but when I was catching every single breath for that one long push while being tortured in pain, I knew that when I hear that first newborn cry, I must have some valuable lessons to take with me, and to reflect on.

I'm too far to be that "saintly" type of mom (I swear--in my head, shout, cry and more) but I owe couple of valuable lessons that only child birthing has taught me. I could have learned some of it during college years, but these all made sense after I had my first born.

I'm still in awe on how this significant life event has changed me that I'll definitely be sharing this one day to my daughter if it'd be her time to get into those maternal robes. So, I'll be listing them down before my aging memory swallow these four valuable lessons I've learned after child birth.

1. Child birthing is definitely one of God's wonders. I'm raised as a Catholic but not too religious enough, I think. Although, my inconsistent church attendance would question my belief, my life struggles, otherwise, would always tell me that my Catholic faith had gotten me this far in life.

And when I experienced miracle itself firsthand during my childbirth, the more I give credit to God. Science may have impressive theories explaining nature and all but there are things that doesn't need to be scientifically defined or proved for us to be illuminated. And it's better to leave it that way.

2. Preparation lessens anxiety. I would never consider my first born as unwanted. When me and husbanded dated, we both knew we weren't just merely hooking up, but instead we were in for the longer haul. My first pregnancy happened not to be on the right time.

Just when we were starting to carefully build our future together--stable career, enough savings, a house--our daughter came in the picture. If we had prepared and planned better, I guess we won't be so anxious today on what would our life be in the coming years.

After my first childbirth, I knew that we weren't prepared enough for our lives, for our kid's future, to be exact. If we could turn back time, maybe we could have prepared better like a trust fund for our kids, big savings, a stable career, well-funded retirement life, so we won't be too anxious, and perhaps scared, on what lies ahead for us especially for our kids.

3. Being in charge of someone else's life is scary. I was never scared when I knew I was pregnant but after I first saw my baby girl, I was scared as hell. I was scared if I could give her the best in life. Everyday I wake up asking myself  if I had been a good mom than yesterday and the day before and so on. No matter how many articles I read online by fellow mommies telling that I'm doing right as a mother, for me there's always something off.

Your kids' lives depends on you, too much, that it's really scary when you think of it deeply. Every time I watch them closely, I would often ask myself-- Have I been feeding them with the right food? Are they healthy enough to live longer and to enjoy life? Have I taught them the proper manners? Have I instilled to them the core values needed to come out strong and happy in this life? Have I secured a brighter future for them? Did I spend enough quality time with them? Am I good enough to be their mother? It scares me that one day they may not be able to be the best that they can be. I'm scared to fail for them.

4. I need to be stronger than ever for my kids. I don't know how others see me but when a friend wrote me a note few years ago, I couldn't agree more that indeed I'm a tough one. The tragedies my family and I went through during my younger years honed my character to be strong enough. Many times, I felt like giving up but I always find ways to get up and sail with the wind. But it gets weary too, you know

Now that I'm a mother, giving up is not an option. Motherhood, as we know it, is not an easy feat. Even if it has sucked all the energy and will out of you, you know that you should always come out stronger because your little ones are looking up to you. Yes, we maybe entitled to be a little more like human (not super humans) at one point, but we know it shouldn't take us too long to get right back on track and put on that super mom character. These little ones are fragile that they need constant strong energy to keep them living life.

I got to be stronger to keep my kids in fine tune and I want them to see that their mama is not a quitter, that I always come out stronger than ever.

If you're a mom, what are the lessons you learned after you gave birth? Share us with your thoughts in the comment section below.


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