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Halloween is just around the corner. Eek! The markings on the calendar are pretty daunting, though, especially when you have kids in t...

25 Surefire Fun Halloween Games For Kids and Adults

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Halloween is just around the corner. Eek! The markings on the calendar are pretty daunting, though, especially when you have kids in the house asking every now and then if it's Halloween already. What I love about Halloween parties are the pretty and creative costumes and all the crazy, spooky fun stuff you get to do in a night. Fun, right?

But I'd be over the moon if I get to attend a Harry Potter-themed Halloween party? That witch robe would totally be awesome on me. Hah!

Are you already all set for your spooktacular Halloween party?

Spooky and pretty costume- check!

Halloween treats- check!

Decors- check!

Foodelicious- check!

Invites- check!

And you shouldn't miss the heart of this party -- the games! Where's the fun without it? So, I've listed down some surefire fun games to do this Halloween that kids and even adults would enjoy. Go ahead and wiggle those muscles and have a blast! Vampires and witches sure know how to have fun, too.

Fun Halloween Games For Kids

1. Pumpkin Memory Game

A memory game using pumpkin faces crafted on paper plates. Place over the pumpkin faces down. The first player gets to flip 2 pumpkin faces. If it matches, he/she can take away the pumpkins and flip another two. If it doesn't match, he'll lose his turn, places the pumpkin face back down and the next player does the same until all pumpkin faces are matched. (via @ Pleasantest Thing)

2. Toilet Paper Mummy

Divide the group into teams with 4 kids each The kids need to choose one person to be the mummy while the others each get a roll of toilet paper. First team to finish wrapping their mummy wins the prize. (via @ Sugar Bee Crafts)

3. Balloon Catch

Each child gets an orange balloon and a funnel. Toss and catch the balloons until the kids get super hyped catching that balloon. The first kid to catch the balloon with the funnel takes home the prize. (via @ Vanilla Joy)

4. Pick Frankenstein's Nose

Super easy and fun! Draw a huge Frankenstein's face on a cardboard with a bucket of slime on the back of it. The kids put their hands in Frankie's nose into the bucket of slime and get their prizes in there. (via @ Crafts by Friends)

5. Poke a Pumpkin Game

Have each child poke their finger through the covered cup of their choosing. Get creative and fun by putting other treats or stuff to tuck inside the cup. Here's how to make the pumpkin layout. (via @ Thrifty Fun)

6. Witch Hunt

Draw a witch on a piece of paper as a template. Then cut out more witches on a black construction paper and hide them all over the party site.The one who finds the most witches wins! (via @ Real Simple)

7. Spider Web Game

Make a spider web on the floor using a green tape and spread the spiders on it which are made from egg carton cup with chenille stick legs.  The goal of the game is to pick up all the scattered spiders on the web with one leg (like a hop scotch game). You can add obstacles too for a more challenging game. (via @ Thrifty Fun)

8. Guessing Game

Fill a jar with treats or goodies and make sure to count them. Have each child guess how many items are in the jar. The closest guess to the correct number of items in the jar wins the prize. (via @ Better Homes and Gardens)

9. Apple Bobbing

Fill a large basin or tub with water and toss some apples in it. The goal of the game is to catch an apple by using your mouth or teeth while your hands are tied. This traditional Halloween game is super fun! (via @ Simply Collette)

10.  Twist and Turn Game

Roll the dice with spooky-themed images and the kids will point out the image on the mat using any parts of their body. You can find the instructions here on how to create the dice and the mat for this twistedly fun game! ( via @ Better Homes and Gardens)

11. Monster Dice

The first dice has some words that you need to act out (ex. spider crawl, witch jump) and the second dice will tell you how many times you need to do it. This is a fun way to keep the kids up and moving this Halloween. Keep the dice rolling! (via @ Momma's Fun World)

12. The Great Pumpkin

Hide "The Great Pumpkin" within the party site and give out clues attached on smaller pumpkins. A great halloween-themed scavenger hunt for the kids! (via @ Katherine Maries)

13. Balloon Pop

Let the kids have fun popping the balloons from a distant. The one with the most balloons popped wins the major prize. See here for the set-up instructions. (via @ Carnival Savers)

14. Halloween Charades

This is also ideal to play during family gatherings but kids would surely love acting out those spooky pictures until their audience guess it correctly. Free printables on this link. (via @ Buggy and Buddy)

15. Ghostly Pinata

Make this the highlight of your Halloween party. Blindfold the guests one by one and see who has the best arm to break that stuffed hanging ghost! (via @ Better Homes and Gardens)

Fun Halloween Games For Adults

16. Gourd Spoon Challenge

The game works like the Egg and Spoon race only that you balance gourds instead of eggs on a spoon. For a more challenging feat, use your mouth instead of your hand balancing the gourd on the spoon. (via @ Fireflies and Mudpies)

17. Everything Halloween from A-Z Game

Everyone are given a game sheet to write down Halloween related words from A-Z, one of each letter of the alphabet. The winner with the most answered wins. Or you can always play this under time pressure to add more fun and excitement! (via @ Party Games Now)

18.  Don't Say Halloween

Provide each guest upon arrival at the party with two themed clips. The rules? They simply are not allowed to say the word "Halloween". If they get caught they lose a clip. The player with the remaining clips wins. (via @ Vivo Masks)

19.Who's the Murderer?

This is surely my all time favorite! Before your party starts, place a "dead body" in an area not readily seen but eventually will be found. Once the body is found, announce that the murderer must be caught. Be creative in tailoring clues for this story or you can check out some free murder mystery games online. (via @ Coupon Closet)

20. Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Form two teams for this challenge and the first team to earn 300 points wins the game. It's up to the team on how they strategize to get the highest points--the harder the challenge the bigger the points. You should check out this site for free Halloween challenge checklist printables. (via @ The Dating Divas)

21. Ghost Races

Not just for the adults but for the entire family, too. This game is like the traditional sack race except that you'll be using a white pillow case decorated like a ghost. What a fun way to burn off those calories and to test the grown-ups' agility. (via@ Fireflies and Mudpies)

22. Monster Mash Dance Contest

Have two of your guests to act as judges for this Halloween dance contest. Let your guests groove to the tune of a Halloween playlist. Have a several dance off rounds to eliminate few people each time until only one is dancing. (via @ Punch Bowl)

23. Movie Pictures Clue

Give your guests some handouts with images associated with the movie. The challenge is for the guests to find out which movies the clues are referring to. (via @ Ghoul Friday)

24. Worms in the Pie

This classic game for kids can also be played by adults too or for the family. Simply put 10 gummy worms in an aluminum pie tin covered with whipped cream. Give each player a pie and make sure all pies have the same number of gummy worms. First to find the 10 gummies wins the game! (via @ Real Simple)

25. Horror Movie Trivia

Place a stack of cards with horror movie questions on the drinks table. Each guest will take turn in picking a card. If they answer it correctly, they get to drink a beverage of their choice but if they don't, they would have to drink the mystery beverage of your choosing. (via @ Vivo Masks)

Do you have other fun games in mind? Share us with your thoughts down below. Happy Halloween!


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