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I'm so in love now with Pinterest! Since it's Halloween, me and my kids are making our very first DIY Halloween crafts (you ge...

DIY Halloween Decorations

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I'm so in love now with Pinterest! Since it's Halloween, me and my kids are making our very first DIY Halloween crafts (you get a lot of inspirations on Pinterest).

I'm not the crafty type of mom. I didn't even try until recently.

Maybe it's because I have believed for so many years that I'm not creative enough and my art skill really stinks! Give me a book, and I'll read it page to page. Give me some crayons and I'll perhaps create the same landscape I've ever done since elementary -- a green field backdropped with a mountain range.

That is why I added a Kiddie Zone page on this blog so I can finally explore and document my creativity journey alongside with my kids.

And since, this year is quite significant to us -- this blog debuted last June and our little family had finally adjusted in our small place (not ours, though) after a couple of years living with in-laws.

So, we're living it up! I had fun doing these Halloween decors and so did the kids. Honestly, I'll be doing stuff like this more often due to its therapeutic benefits to me while developing my toddlers' creative side. Have fun doing this!

DIY Halloween Door Decors

Materials needed:

1. white paper plates
2. black and orange acrylic paints
3. black marker
4. scissors
5. Elmer's glue
6., construction papers (black, green, red and white)
7. 1/2 illustration board
8. double-sided tape

DIY Halloween Paper Plate Bats

How to make it:

1. Paint the paper plates' back with black acrylic paint. I used a poster paint on the first one but it got  smudged easily unlike the acrylic paint.

2. Cut out bat's ears and wings like this with a black construction paper. Then glue it.

3. Use white construction paper or bond paper for the eyes and mouth and red for the tongue.

4. Draw two sharp teeth on the mouth's corner with a black marker.

DIY Halloween Paper Plate Pumpkins

How to make it:

1. Paint the paper plates' back with orange acrylic paint. My daughter accidentally added some brown paint on her pumpkin and it looks closer to natural with a little brown paint on it (although it's not visible in the photo).

2. Cut out green triangles for the eyes and nose. As for the mouth, I decided to cut out three different designs. You can google pumpkins to check out even scarier mouth designs.

3. And glue it.

DIY Hanging Cat and Feet Paper Plate Decor

How to make it:

1. Draw a cat's head on the paper plate and cut it out.

2. I painted the glossy front part of the paper plate with a black paint which got smudged easily. Lesson learned -- paint the back portion instead.

3. Using red construction paper, cut out the eyes and nose. (You may add some whiskers too.)

4. As for the feet, I traced my kids' feet on the white portion of the paper plates and cut it out.

5. I made a little hole on the cat's head where I can insert the black string for hanging. To connect the feet, I placed a black string in between and secured it with a double-sided tape.

This is how the back would look like:

Haunted Black House Cut-Out

I love that creepy crooked house which I happened to stumble upon on my FB newsfeed. Just draw your preferred design first on the white side of a 1/2 size illustration board before cutting it out. I added a full moon using a bond paper and drew a howling wolf (my husband said it looks more like of a dolphin,,, grrr!) on it for an additional eerie effect.

And when my son asked why there's no door, well, of course, witches and vampires live in this house. So, no need for any doors. They fly through the windows, son!

Ta- Da!

This is how our room's door looked like. My kids are all hyped singing this Halloween song and an occasional pretend screaming in the house. What a fun!

 "It's a Halloween night, not a soul in sight. I hear footsteps, who's that coming? We see scary bats and pumpkins. Look out!"

Have you put up your DIY Halloween decors already in the house? Then show us how you did it. Please leave us with your comments below and send your photos over on our Facebook page inbox.

Happy Halloween!


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