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If I were to choose, I would always pick having a collection of children's books in our house over tons of toys (books are crazy amaz...

18 Amazing Children's Books To Give This Christmas

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If I were to choose, I would always pick having a collection of children's books in our house over tons of toys (books are crazy amazing). I, and my husband, rarely buy our kids with toys (not even on their birthdays) but most of their toys, which has taken up a corner space in our house, came from generous friends and family. A big THANK YOU shout out to all of you guys. You're still the sweetest, though. :)

But the fact that they get scattered everywhere and turned the house at times into one big mess; and considering their prices (you could buy a day worth of fresh produce at the market) and how they'd usually end up with the rest of the toys in storage boxes are definitely not great reasons for me and my husband to reconsider.

If you're thinking of buying non-toy gifts instead for your kids or nieces/nephews this Christmas, then this list of best-selling children's book is definitely a win! These books are a must-have for your pre-readers or readers with its fun story line and visually appealing illustrations. And the greatest win of all, these books convey moral lessons for your kids and YOU, too (heck, why not?).

Honestly, while coming up with this list and digging on customers' reviews for each book, I'm deciding to complete these list someday. Not that I'm doing a hardcore "sales pitching" here, but aside from being visually appealing, these books are packed with moral lessons for our kids that are better conveyed through stories, sing-song rhymes, and repetitions. (I'll update this post once I get to complete all of these awesome children's books. This post may contain affiliate links. Please see our full disclosure)

Here's a list of best children's books to give for this Christmas.

1. On The Night You Were Born

My daughter always loves to hear stories from me about the day I found out I was pregnant with her, my prayers as she grows in my tummy and until I gave birth to her. This book celebrates being the one and only YOU. A great book to remind our kids how uniquely special they are and that they mean the world to us. It's a wonderful way of saying "I LOVE YOU" to our little ones and how we celebrated when we finally gave birth to them and how we will always love them for who they are.

2. Goodnight Moon

This book has this magical and soothing effect to kids. A timeless classic tale about a little bunny who says "good night" to all the familiar things in the room before he goes to sleep. If you dig a little deeper, this book also encourages a sense of gratitude to all the things that surround us. This is a perfect relaxing read to end the day for our little ones which teach our kids to be thankful for every little thing in life.

3. If Animals Kissed Good Night

Its playful verse will truly captivate your little one's attention along with its pretty illustration.The story kicks off when a young girl wonders how animal families say good night to each other. Do they kiss like us? Do they stretch their necks up high and kiss below the sky like the giraffes?

I'd say it is a fun and imaginative way to end your day while cuddling with your kids in bed and mimicking how the other animals in the storybook would say good night. What a sweet bedtime!

4. The Wonderful Things You Will Be

The cover illustration is as beautiful as the inside. This book celebrates love and acceptance that parents have for their children no matter what they will be when they grow up. It explores possibilities on what will a young boy and girl be without the usual stereotyping plus all the fun adventures.

Warm, lovely and gentle--perfect for bedtime storytelling, too.

5. Giraffes Can't Dance

Gerald the giraffe only wants one thing--that he could dance with the rest of the animals in the Jungle dance. But he's a terrible dancer. Just when he left during the dance, an unlikely friend encouraged him that being different is okay, you just need to find a different song. His dancing was then admired by the other animals in the end.

A perfect book to give to your kindergarteners when at this age other kids are picky on who gets to be in the group. A great way to remind them that being different is okay. You just need to find joy while dancing to your own different tune. (Sort of reminds me of a character in the Harry Potter series who celebrates her quirkiness---Luna Lovegood)

6. Oh, The Places You'll Go

A perfect gift not just for your pre-schoolers but also for someone graduating in high school and college. Dr. Seuss tells its readers the unlimited possibilities you'll experience in life--winning, setbacks and overcoming those.

This is a great book to introduce to your child on how life unfolds through the book's amusing illustrations and rhymes. It teaches our little ones (and even us) that you should be confident enough to explore to the top to see greater heights even it meant passing all through the hurdles and bumps. Life has its own ups and downs but fear not 'cause "You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose."

7. Oh, The Thinks You Can Think

Dr. Seuss once again delights its young readers with this amusing story which encourages the little ones to think and be imaginative. Unlike his other books, this one has no storyline but stimulates creativity and imagination to its young readers by coming up with weird and fun words. It also introduces new vocabularies to your pre-readers like blue.red, yellow, left and right and more! Be crazingly creative. ;)

8. If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

A good humor book about a mouse who keeps on asking for more from a little boy-- from a cookie to a glass of milk, straw, napkin and the story goes on and on. Very perfect for kids who want repetitions and a fun fill in the blanks game.

It also stimulates kids' intelligence with its cause and effect storyline. If you want a fun, easy to read and stimulating story for your little one, this one's a perfect choice!

9. Little Blue Truck

This is a good read for every toddler! Little Blue Truck is a story about a blue truck who sees farm animals along the way. The pack then meet a rude dump truck which later got stuck in the mud. Blue and the farm animals helped the dump truck out of the mud which also apologizes afterward for being rude.

Aside from the moral lesson of nurturing relationships, this book also teaches animals and animal sounds which can be hammed up and mimicked by your toddlers. Parents would love reading this out loud to their kids with its great rhyme and rhythm.

10. Guess How Much I Love You

A classic and well-loved tale about a little rabbit who searches for words to tell how much he loves his dad who fondly one-upped Little Nutbrown Hare. This is a simple and touching bedtime story which shows how parents love their child. Daddy Big Nutbrown Hare let his little one sleep thinking he won that little game until he comes up with the sweetest answer, "I love you all the way to the moon and back".

A great story to remind our kids that our love for them is incomparable. This is another sweet book to read to our kids.

11. Before You Sleep

This is an awesome reading experience from an award-winning children's author Benji Bennett. A book with beautiful illustrations and message to show our kids how much we love them. While I read the sample pages, it struck me with the thought that we should spend more time with our kids and be in their little adventurous world sometimes. This book goes into detail how a father loves his child above everything else.

The author began writing this book after his little son died. :(

12. Love You Forever

Published in 1986, this book has sold millions of copies and has touched so many hearts. A story about a little boy who goes all the stages of childhood until he became a man with an enduring and unconditional love of his mother. A timeless book which will remind us and our kids that no matter how old you are and in spite of all the things you've done, you will always be someone's beloved child and that you will never be too grown up to be loved by your mother.

A very touching story especially these with its song lines "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as you're living, my baby you'll be." Grab some tissue when reading this. :)

13. Good Good Father

Written by award-winning inspirational singer Chris Tomlin, this book will remind your children (even us) that God is a good, good Father. We don't need to bring or offer something to God to get help. His door is always open for everyone. We just need to trust Him that he'll take care of us just like what the King in this book did to a little bear named Tucker.

A perfect book that reveals wonderful attributes of God that can easily be understood by kids.

14. Waiting Is Not Easy

One of Gerald and Piggie book series, this book is a must-have in your shelf which obviously teaches the value of waiting. In this story, Piggie told Gerald the elephant that he has a big surprise for them but Gerald wants it right away (and kids totally act like that, right?). As Gerald grows more frustrated, his reactions get more fun which is illustrated perfectly in the book.

If you want a little help teaching your kids that waiting is all worth it, then this book is definitely a must-grab.

15. May I Please Have A Cookie

Want your kids to master and learn by heart saying the word "please"? Here's the right book for you. An easy to read book (perfect for beginners) with bright illustrations that teaches proper manners to our little ones. In this book, Alfie the alligator tried creative methods to get those cookies and finally learned that the best way to get some tasty cookies baked by his mommy is to say the magic word, yes obviously, that's PLEASE.

16. Corduroy

A classic toy-comes-alive tale about a stuffed bear who's been waiting for a child friendship while on a store shelf. Corduroy has been waiting for a child to buy and take him home when one day a little girl named Lisa finally noticed him but was advised by her mom that Corduroy isn't new at all for he lost one of his overall's buttons. The bear finally set on an adventure in the shopping mall in search for his lost button hoping that one day a child would take him home.

A gentle and sweet tale with a happy ending about a bear and a child's friendship. This book also teaches our kids that what matters most is the personality rather than the appearance just like Corduroy and Lisa's friendship.

17. Hands Are Not For Hitting

A book which teaches the positive way in approaching hitting behaviors of most child. If you have a child who hits when showing extreme emotions, then this is a great book for them as it explains to them the positive things your hands can do.

With its simple texts and great illustrations, toddlers would be able to easily memorize the book and absorb the message.

18. Happy Birthday To You

Dr. Seuss reminds us in this book that birthdays are meant to be celebrated and be special. The book conveys how birthdays are celebrated in Katroo as guided by the Birthday Bird. But as a parent, we know we can't celebrate as what they do in Katroo but through this book, we can start a birthday tradition that our kids will remember forever.

This book brings all the fun things you should do on your birthday because being YOU is more than a reason to celebrate.

"Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!"

Do you have other titles to add to this list? Let us know. We would love hearing your recommendations. Or share this list on your social media channels and help your friends with this Christmas gift idea. Thank you and great to have you here! :)


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  1. Great titles! I always give Oh the Places You'll Go as a graduation present. Sometimes we forget the hopes we had as kids. Also, everybody should have Waiting is Not Easy! It's spectacular!

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Rebecca! I personally love all the titles on this list. :)

  2. These are GREAT books! How did I not know that Tomlin made his song into a book?!?!!? Thanks for sharing this and totally pinning!

    1. My uncle is a huge fan of Tomlin and I immediately informed him about his great children's books, too. Thanks for dropping by. :)

  3. Se manifique! Madrespect to you for promoting reading and books.

  4. Thank you, Enricoh! I personally love all the titles and will be updating this post once I get to complete the list. Merci beaucoup. :)

  5. We have a lot of these - great list! I already got my kids Dragons Love Tacos for a gift this year, I've heard good things :)