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What's my purpose in life? That question had troubled me for half of my life. When I was in college taking up a pre-law course, I wo...

5 Effective Ways to Teach Your Kids To Be More Thankful

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What's my purpose in life? That question had troubled me for half of my life. When I was in college taking up a pre-law course, I would tell myself that I am destined to make laws work for the underprivileged ones and be their voice on this crowded stage.

I'm all for that social work and making a difference mantra. Yay! 

I was proud that at that age I was already thinking about how to make a positive difference in our society rather than getting all boozed up until morning with party junkie friends and making a fuss about my personal life across social media.

But when my plans didn't work like the way I planned it, I felt that everything crumbled down right in front of me. I asked again, what's my purpose in life? And believe me, the answer came too late.

Despite it, I would always tell myself that I should be thankful to have this life no matter what I had been through. There are lots of people out there who are suffering MORE than I do EVERY SINGLE DAY and I am absolutely in no position to complain even a bit. 

I'm still blessed in some other ways and that's a lot to be thankful for.

Why am I saying all this?

Who you are will reflect on how you raise your kids. For all the misfortunes that came along my way for the past years, I'd want to be that grateful mother that my kids would admire.

The more thankful you are, the happier life is.

How do you effectively teach your kids to be more thankful?

Start teaching them while they're still young. Build them with a foundation of good values so when they grow up, you'd be the very first person to be proud of how they have become because the last thing this world needs is another ass**** (hah. pardon me for the word).

I'm not a perfect mom --that'd take a lifetime to achieve, and I'm not writing this to brag my parenting skills and push you to jump in with me just because this works for me and this should work for you too.

No, that's not the purpose of this post and I'm not like that. We are a tribe in here of strong and passionate moms who help each other and the fact that you have fed your family with at least three meals and tuck them in bed safely, that already makes you a wonderful mom. :)

So, how do you effectively teach your kids to love the word "thank you"? Here's what works for me.

1. Lead by example

Surprise, surprise! You don't expect your kids to learn something by heart when you aren't even doing it. That totally makes sense. If you want to hear your kids say "Thank you" more often, then let them hear you and see you do it. Those words are powerful and you can totally feel the sincerity through the tone of your voice and of course, facial expression.

Let them see you paint a smile on your face when saying thank you or even a pair of smiling eyes coupled with a pleasant tone. As kids, they'd copy you for doing it and eventually learn it by heart.

2. Ask them what they are thankful for

Perhaps you'd think that they're still too young for this type of question but this is already the basic. I would randomly throw them with this question when they're eating, lying in bed or whenever they are in a quieter mode. When you ask them when they are at their most behaved moment, you'd be surprised to hear amazing answers from your kids. Their answers would often go like "toys", "milk" and more meaningful answers like "mama and papa".

Yeah, my 4-year-old daughter did and it blew me away. I was trying hard to pull back tears because it was definitely a picture perfect memory. Mommies are kinda like that, agree?

3. Let them realize that they are blessed

They might not have a full grasp about this but I constantly remind my kids that they are blessed to have a roof over their head, food in their belly, clothes to wear and people who love them dearly. Introduce to them the more important things that we should be more thankful rather than those material things that only provide short-lived happiness.

Yes, they won't totally understand this, for now, but once they raise follow up questions and engages with you on this topic, then you're off to a good start.

4. Teach them how to share

When you teach them to share even with little things, this makes them feel that they have more for their selves and a great way to be thankful is to share it with others. The more you give, the more you receive. That saying is timeless. Go preach about it.

Kids get hyped when they hear words like "reward" or "prize". I'd often tell them that people who share are rewarded by God with great things. God is watching them and He knows too well.

5. Politely remind them to say "thank you"

Kids are kids. You can't expect them to apply right away what you've taught them. It takes constant practice for them to get the hang of it. If they forget to say thank you, don't overreact or beat yourself. Politely remind them to say "thank you". This is why we are here--to be their guiding light.

This is not a one-day course. There are still instances that my kids would forget to say thank you, I have to admit that. But I am happy that at an early age they are slowly learning to incorporate in their young character the value of being thankful which has taught me meaningful lessons in life.

And the more thankful they are, the happier their lives will be. Would you agree? Thankful and happy people don't come chasing around for more. They make the best out of what they have. :)

As we celebrate Thanksgiving Day, how do you teach your kids to be thankful? What are the things that you are thankful for? Make a list and you'll be happy to know that life has brought you so much.

Do you want to add something on this list? Please, feel free to comment down below. We'd love hearing from you. :)


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  1. Great post here! I totally think teaching them how to be thankful but leading my example are both soo important! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Couldn't agree more. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. Thankfulness and happiness do go hand in hand! I'm trying to teach my daughter (and myself) that your reaction to your circumstance is more important than changing your circumstance.

    1. Well said Susan. We aren't in full control of every circumstances but we can teach ourselves great values to withstand everything. Thank you. :)

  3. Sparking discussions and leading by example are our two favorite ways to teach our boys to be thankful. I think it needs to be displayed often in the home, and talking about it helps too!

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Kecia! :)