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Time flies so fast and we're down to less than 50 days before Christmas! Yay! Are you done with your Christmas shopping, mommies? Or...

How To Be Organized In Giving Gifts This Holiday

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Time flies so fast and we're down to less than 50 days before Christmas! Yay! Are you done with your Christmas shopping, mommies? Or are you already on the gift-wrapping stage?

If you're still stuck thinking about what to give for Christmas and juggling on other to-dos for the holidays, then here are some pretty helpful gift-wrapping organizing ideas for you to check out.

It's always helpful to declutter your mind so you can prioritize your tasks. Between running a household, doing side hustles and being there for our loved ones, we'd always love to free up our mind with some little space, right?

Here are some tips to keep your gift-giving run smoothly.

1. As early as now, make a list of everything that you need to accomplish like decorating, shopping, sending cards or baking. Set deadlines for each task and put them on your fridge's door so you can check it easily from time to time.

2. Make a list of people and the gifts you want to buy or end up buying for them. Keep it neatly filed after the holidays to avoid repeating gifts next year.

3. Do a quick inventory of your wrapping supplies like tape, paper, and bows to stock up and to avoid too much extras. Make a list and keep them handy with you.

4. Set up a dedicated gift-wrapping space with all your gift-wrapping supplies in there like paper, ribbon, tape, scissors, and tags.

5. For your household, you can post "wish lists" on the fridge for your kids to add while they think of stuff they really want for Christmas. Or if they have certain pictures in a catalog, have them circle or bookmark it with their names and place them in your gift-wrapping table/space.

6. If you're sending out Christmas cards, start gathering names and addresses of your recipients in a master address list. Keep it in a spreadsheet so you can easily update the addresses. Set a weekly or daily quota on the number of cards you want to get done and send out to avoid last-minute scrambling.

7. Once your Christmas card list is organized, you may opt to pick up stamps for an additional touch or print labels to make addressing your cards an easy task.

8. Make an envelope for each recipient and as you buy, write down the gift you bought, its cost on the front and place inside the receipts for easy returns or exchanges.

9. After wrapping your gifts, make sure to write the recipient's name on the bottom of the gifts to avoid confusion if in case the gift tag falls off. We surely don't want any mix-ups.

10. Make a list of extra people you want to buy for like your kids' teachers, coworkers, and bosses and place it in your wallet so you can easily refer back to it when you do your last trip of Christmas shopping.

Don't stress out yourself too much, 'kay? Have fun wrapping up those bundles of joy. Happy Holidays!

Do you have other holiday tips to share? Leave us with your thoughts down below. We'd love hearing from you. :)


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  1. Love the idea of list plus having a dedicated gift wrapping space. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I love list! They make everything easier to track.

  2. Great tips! Love posting your to-dos somewhere that you can see them everyday. I find if you don't do this, some of them can sneak up on you.

    1. I do that too, Jen. I have post-its with my to-do list up on my editorial board. I appreciate all your comments. Thanks for dropping by! :)

  3. I love that you recommend keeping a backdated list to be sure not to repeat! I've run into this problem before...

    1. It's always great to keep a record. But hey, it's still the thought that counts, right? :) Thanks for stopping by, Julie. Have a great day!