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Do you ever wonder how other moms get so much done in a day while keeping an organized home? It seems like 24 hours a day is fairly not ...

9 Simple Secrets To Becoming An Organized Mom

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Do you ever wonder how other moms get so much done in a day while keeping an organized home? It seems like 24 hours a day is fairly not enough for most of us.

I wondered, too. With a 2 and 5-year-old in our little house, it's usually impossible to keep it chaos-free, at least most of the time. An organized home actually sets the tone of our mood for the day. Oh yes, I bet you'd agree with that.

When I see dishes piling up in the kitchen sink, I get cranky like my worst day has just started. Same goes when I see toys scattered all around the floor. Tripping over them makes it even worse. Do you also get that feeling?

But with these simple organizing habits (which we all could learn one habit at a time), we can always have an organized home while saving few of our precious hours which could be spent on other important tasks. Would you rather spend 10 seconds everyday wiping your kitchen countertop or spend 10-20 minutes a week scrubbing dry and nasty gunk that had build up on the countertop?

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Once we build these habits, cleaning our house would no longer be a dreaded task to put off on our to-do list. Well, I'm not the super organized type of mom but it's always nice to learn few tricks every now and then to keep our mommy life less stressful.


Here are the simple habits that every mom (including me) should acquire to have an organized home and save few extra hours of the day. (Like most of you, I'm still learning to be consistent on doing some of these habits--some may have already been wired to my brain while some needs a little more effort).

1. Wake up earlier than the rest of your household. If you want to get more things done within 24 hours, you should start by rising up earlier than the rest. Starting your day when your kids are up, makes it almost impossible for you to get important things done at your desired pace. Stop beating the clock by rising up earlier and checking off the must do's first thing off in the morning.

2. Make your bed the moment your feet hit the ground. Our bedroom gives us that peace of mind and assurance that there's always that one place in the house where we can curl up and rest when we're burned out for the day. But if you walk into a messy bed, this sends off negative vibes. Start your day by accomplishing this simple task to kick you in productive mode.

3. Pick up as you go. When you walk around the house and see something that is not in their proper place, pick it up and put it where it should belong. You'd see that you're already tidying up the place. This is very applicable to toys being everywhere. Pick them up as you walk around the house and place them in the toy storage.

4. Have a clutter-free dining table. Put away your bills and don't dump it on the table. If you're done using spreads, place it back to the pantry cabinet or you can have a storage holder for spreads for an easy grab right on the table. When keeping a habit of a clutter-free dining table, it makes our meal so indulging. But when you see it dumped with all kinds of stuff from bills, kid's toys to condiments, it's definitely uninviting. And we all know that best stories are shared over on the dining table and that the family who eats together, bonds forever. =)

5. Keep your floor clean. Don't wait for your weekly cleaning schedule to clean your floor. If you see some crumbs or visible dirt on your floor, sweep it up. If you see a little stain on it, grab your mop and don't let that stain sit there until your next scheduled cleaning day or it'll dry up and make it even hard to remove which again cost us few extra minutes/hours.

6. Do little things which you can do in 10-20 seconds. Cleaning the bathroom floor takes too much time especially if the stain has dried up. To save few hours from your cleaning time, rinse your bathroom floor every after using it so the soap residue won't build up which becomes nasty to remove. Another thing as well, spray your shower with shower spray instead of scrubbing it weekly,

7. Check and sort out mails regularly. Don't let those mails and important bills pile up on your mailing box. Make a time to pop in and check it every other night and unload, if there is, to avoid missing dues. And don't let it sit on your countertop. Place it on your bills tray and categorized it to its importance if it's urgent and important or urgent but not important and so on.

8. Put away the toys. Although, I've taught my kids to practice keeping away their toys after playing, it is still inevitable to see a piece or two scattered in corners. To avoid spending minutes just searching their favorite missing toy, make it a habit of putting away toys you see lying somewhere on the floor. These also keep the floor uncluttered instead of waiting for your kids' toys to turn the house upside down.

9. Make a daily to-do list to organize and prioritize your daily task. This one is the heart of any daily organization tricks. Make it a habit of making a daily to-do list to get important things done. When you put your task on a list, it's more likely that you'll accomplish it rather than trusting your brain to remember all the things you need to do. It also sets your organizing mode on when seeing your task listed to its urgency and importance.

Yes, motherhood is indeed hard. We are always expected to juggle everything from raising happy homes, keeping an organized house to taking care of ourselves. It's overwhelming. But if you let yourself be open to learning, then mommy life could be less stressful by checking off one task at a time.

Remember, that it takes firm resolution and persistence to build these small habits and I won't recommend you trying to acquire all these at once. Instead, make baby steps and practice one habit at a time. It's easier to acquire it this way while not being too hard on yourself.

Do you already have some organizing habits and tricks that made your daily routine a breeze? Share it with us down below.

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  1. This blog post is really what I need right now. I am struggling to finish all my daily chores in my waking hours while still have the luxury of time to play with my toodler as well as maintain my blogs and my social media life. I do make a list of tasks to accomplish but sometimes I have to go back to an item that I have already crossed out my list because it magically appears again - like arranging toys, cleaning the floor, keeping the table tidy etc. Sometimes in my frustration, I put off repetitive tasks and do it when everyone in the household is already asleep. It's a never-ending cycle. I have yet to find the formula that would work for our family dynamics.

    1. It's indeed an endless cycle, mommy. Prioritizing things is the key (which I haven't mastered,yet,heheh). You can check this post by one of my favorite mom bloggers, Suzi Whitford. She has a great system that I've been following diligently recently and it's very helpful. =) Hope this helps. http://www.startamomblog.com/super-simple-weekly-schedule/

  2. These are helpful suggestions. Some I already do. It does help to have alone and quiet time to accomplish things. I do it though after the kids have slept.

    1. Thank you, Louisa. It takes some time for us to find that perfect system for us but there will always be. =)