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Hey, how was your New Year? Have you already set out your goals for this year?   Well, we all should. If you want to see changes in your...

Start Your Year Right By Building Habits Using These 6 Proven Techniques

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Hey, how was your New Year? Have you already set out your goals for this year? Well, we all should. If you want to see changes in your life and head on right to a life you've really been dreaming of, then it's time to take action and live every day with a purpose starting with building new good habits.

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I have been through a lot of mistakes that I firmly resolve to see progress and changes in my life this year. And the best way to start that change is to build new habits that will eventually transform us into the person we want to be.

Good habits ideally lead to good outcomes while bad habits lead to bad ones. Parents would often remind their children with this. So which one are you going to choose?

According to Tony Schwartz in his book "Be Excellent At Anything", 95% of those who lose weight on a diet regain it. Worst is, a good percentage gain back MORE than they originally lost. He also said that 25% of people abandon their New Year's resolutions after one week and 60% do so within six months (Yikes!). And guess what? The average person makes the same New Year's resolutions 10 separate times without success (hah, that sounded just like me before!).

Those numbers are pretty disheartening. It's right to conclude then that change is definitely not an easy feat. Do you agree?

But don't fret out, friends. High achievers have shared their secret in winning at life through countless personal development books, blogs, podcasts and more which are mostly accessible online (talking about the power of the internet). The secret to change is actually acquiring new habits.

If we can master these habits through the years, we really can change the course of our lives and live a life we want. We need to be intentional about breaking away with the bad habits to acquire the good ones because these small habits don't change on their own. If they did, then everyone is crushing goals after goals, year after year which is insanely amazing.

If you aren't intentional about changing on the first place, then you'll just slip back into the same pattern over again without any significant progress in life.

6 Techniques For Building New Habits

Since I am very intentional to live my lifelong goal with these small habits, I did some digging with successful bloggers, personal development podcasts, and high achiever personalities on what makes them highly effective and successful. And it all boils down to what most people have slipped through every single day which is building good new habits.

How do we acquire new habits? Here I've listed six techniques to get you started.

1. You need to do life planning. Envision the future you want. This is where goal setting comes in. Having goals written down would build new habits that will help us achieve that end goal.

2. Decide that you're going to behave a certain way 100% of the time without any exception. If you want to get up an hour earlier in the morning, then discipline yourself to get out of bed on time without pressing the snooze button every single morning.

3. Create a trigger action. If you want a habit to plan out your day after you wake up, you can tie it to an activity that will remind you to do so like sitting on your favorite chair with a cup of coffee. Place your planner and pen on a stand next to your chair so your brain will automatically remind you that it's time to make your to-do list once you sit on that chair.

4. Track your progress. Just like setting goals, you also need to track how have you been practicing these habits. What I do with mine is that I write my habits on a booklet on a daily calendar and check it off once the task is complete to see my progress. But you can so with available apps online.

5. Establish accountability. Tell others about the habit you're trying to build. Tell your spouse, children or friends about your intention of waking up at 4 AM and now that someone is watching you over practicing these habits, you'll have someone gently reminding you and giving you off that leverage to move to the right decision.

6. Create a mantra. I always believe that affirmation starts before change. So, tell yourself that " I want to wake up the next morning at 4 AM and be productive". Say it over and over to condition yourself.

Once our brain is wired with these habits, we begin to perform those habits on autopilot which mean that we no longer have to use mental energy to perform the task, which leaves our brain with extra energy to focus on getting other things done.

I used to get frustrated with myself because it seems like I would start my day right but at the end of it, my energy winds down. So I started writing down couple of morning and evening habits that I want to acquire eventually.

My day would start by drinking a glass of water. My body and brain seemed to work on its own that I automatically head off to the kitchen to drink water even if I'm not fully awake. And just recently, I included waking at 4 AM as my new habit and write at least 500 words while the entire house is quite. 

These habits just give me more willpower and energy to use towards other things. I noticed that I've never been this productive and happier in my life. Oh well, like what most of us would say, I wish I have known these few years back so I have started earlier and be reaping the fruits now. But nonetheless, I'm getting tremendous effects by acquiring good habits.

Now that we all know how to build new habits, it is very important to choose well and build our lives around the right kind of habits that will lead us to a positive, healthy lifestyles and finally to that lifelong goal.

What habits are you planning to acquire? Or do you have a habit that you want to share so others would learn from it? Share us your story down below.


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