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Oh, it's February and Valentine's sale is crowding people in malls trying to choose the perfect gift for their loved ones. The f...

50 First Questions: A Valentine's Day Game For Couples

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Oh, it's February and Valentine's sale is crowding people in malls trying to choose the perfect gift for their loved ones. The flower business is at its busiest season now and fancy restaurants, too. We all (well, not all of us actually) step up our game during Valentine's day trying to show how much someone means to us when, in fact, we can do it every day and any time of the year.

Yes, I know what you're thinking that I'm such a killjoy and grumpy housewife (please don't roll your eyes =) ) but cooking up a surprise on Valentine's day won't be a HUGE surprise anymore since almost everyone is doing it and you're partner is most likely anticipating it. Where's the fun in it, right? Why not make it on a least expected day? That's the SURPRISE!

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If you're like me who never makes such a big fuss on Valentine's day, you can try this fun Valentine's Day game (well, this is sort of like a wedding game). I and my husband had fun answering these questions and it's a good way to bring back those memories and check how well you really knew each other. You can assign points per question and the one who gets the most points gets to bully, er, rather, will choose a consequence for the losing partner. =)  (Be creatively naughty in choosing the consequences *winks*)

This is a fun way to spend Valentine's day with your partner over iced tea and popcorn before binge-watching your favorite Netflix series. Heck, why not? I wouldn't trade this over an expensive fancy resto date or a bouquet of roses which dies out after a day or two. But we have different preferences and I get it. =)

Either you're celebrating your Valentine's day at home or at some fancy place, you may download and print out this "50 First Questions Valentine's Day Game" to brighten up the mood and making it more memorable. Have fun answering these questions!

Here are some of the questions:

1. When and where did you first met?
2. What is your spouse's most attractive body part?
3. Where was your first date?
4. When dating, should couples split the bill or should it be shouldered by men?
5. Movie dates or candlelight dinner?
6. What is your favorite comfort food?
7. What was the first movie you’ve watched together as a couple?
8. What is your most memorable gift to her?
9. Who eats a lot?
10. Who cries first?
11. Who says sorry first?
12. Who forgives quickly?
13. Who gets mad easily?
13. Who laughs louder
14. Who snores louder?
15. What is your most favorite movie genre?


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