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Life has always its sneaky little ways to derail you from reaching your destination. Even the highest achiever on this planet had also s...

The Most Powerful Thing That's Stopping You From Pursuing Your Goals

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Life has always its sneaky little ways to derail you from reaching your destination. Even the highest achiever on this planet had also some setbacks, fears, and hurdles to overcome before they reached the sweetest spot.

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When you're a mom, it's easy to run through a list of excuses that keeps us from achieving our goals - be it a new side hustle online, a home business, a healthier lifestyle or a new skill. You may have used one or two of the excuses below:

"I still have little ones who need my undivided attention" 

 "My plate is already full just being a mom"

"I' haven't figured out yet how to deal all these big responsibilities"

"Being a mom is freaking hard!"

We can talk and rant the whole day on how our mommy obligations are pulling us away from our end goals, and since we're MOM, the world would find our excuses acceptable.

Choosing the easiest way out is tempting. The world would never condemn a mom if she failed to grow a small business on her own or missed to land a part-time job to bring in additional cash. After all, she is expected to maintain a clutter-free house and raise kids to become responsible adults. 

It's all about the house and kids, you see!

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But through the changing times, moms become more than "JUST A MOM"! Moms are liberated from the traditional domestic roles and are now active in shaping the modern society. It has produced moms who take bold corporate jobs, innovative entrepreneurship, and meaningful advocacies.

Moms become frontrunners of success. Gone are the days when she hides behind those greasy pans and shabby apron. Gone are the times when she's only seen as a housekeeper. At least, that's what I believe so.

What's Stopping Moms From Pursuing Their Goals?

Moms are now more empowered to pursue goals and chase their dream life.

But the road to the finish line is definitely not all sunshine and daisies. It'll take a brave heart and a strong mind to get there. Most of us back off when faced with hurdles. We sometimes let those dreams sit at the back burner, for God knows until when.

Yeah, you can always blame the kids - their needy state, adorable smile and your selfless love for them. These made you choose them over your hairy and audacious goals which, by the way, would not just personally benefit you, but your whole family as well.

Is it them to blame? Hate to break it, but it's you.

It is your mind that is stopping you from doing what you want and ought to do. The very same thing which, if used to your advantage, can take you to greater possibilities. The very same thing which can sail you towards your destination if you feed it with positivity, discipline, and courage.

I'm always amazed at how powerful our minds can be.

Feeding your mind with positivity and conditioning it to think rationally, would make it work to your advantage. Successful people and brilliant thinkers have long practiced conditioning their minds to withstand whatever adversities that may come along the way.

When you feed your MIND with MOM GUILT (I am too selfish to work on my goals while I still have little ones...), FEAR (I've never been into anything for years aside from being a stay-at-home-mom...) and DOUBT (I think the pressure will kill me...) it would definitely yield to a weaker foothold.

These all results in moms putting their dreams on hold OR giving up without hustling hard enough. And when you feel that you are tethered - frustrations, depression, and other emotional turmoil creep in which affect your relationship with your spouse and children.

How to Motivate Yourself?

So instead of pulling away from your lifelong goals and starting to question your self-worth, you need to determine instead your deep WHY.

Why are you determined to pursue these goals?

Why are you doing it?

Why it's so damn important to have it in your life?

A German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said, "He who has a why can endure any how". When you finally find your WHY, you will find the courage to take risks to keep moving forward, stay motivated when things go rough, and move to a challenging and rewarding phase of your life.When you feel like giving up, tap your inner self.  Find wisdom in silence. Close your eyes and draw in your mind your current life. Then from there, visualize the life that'll make you happy and, finally, determine your WHY.

It's unfair to always put the blame on our kids or our state of being a mom. We shouldn't let our motherhood journey stop us from growing and chasing great dreams. Dreams remind us to seek what lies ahead. We are humans! We're supposed to find the joy in life and not merely live to survive.

You can start off little. If your kids are still too young for you to go back to work, look for a part-time job online or run a home business which won't require you to clock in at a specific time. In my case, I struggled hard gaining back my self-esteem when I had my kids. I love them with all my heart but it seems like I can't be a better version of me if I can't even love myself. So, I started writing short essays on a notebook and eventually gave birth to this blog to channel my creativity (AHEM *coughs* *coughs*).

Slowly I regain my confidence through my writing knowing that I can be MORE (someone that my kids can be proud of).

This may not come easy on some of us (honestly, it also took me quite longer to redeem myself and find the course of my life) but when you realize that those little eyes are watching you, giving up isn't an option. Show them how sweet it is to triumph despite personal battle. Show them remarkable traits to follow suit when they come of age. Make them proud. Go for it, Mama!

Do you have other tips to share to our fellow moms? How about your own story of triumph? Spread the positivity by sharing it with us.


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  1. Mom or not, I can still relate especially on the achieving goals part. You are right, all the delays that I am experiencing, the things that I couldn't accomplish just yet, it's all because of my own doing. I procrastinate a lot and I don't know how to prioritize. I am like perpetually restless. This is something that I still need to work on really.

    I know my deep why, I just don't know how to use it to motivate me to finish tasks on time. But oh well, I still like reading this, because you somehow reminded me of what I need to do to achieve my dreams.

    1. Glad I've helped you in my own little way, Marjorie =) Thank you for sharing your view.

  2. My mom has mostly been mom instead of reaching to all her dreams and I feel a bit sorry for her. It was nice that she was always there for us but I think everyone should be able to work for their dreams and also achieve them. Irrespective of race, gender, kids, etc. I hope you keep motivated and achieve the things you want! :)

    Xoxo Nora / https://dreamerachiever.com

  3. I am the mother and the father of my three kids. I have dreams and goals just like the others especially I had my eldest early in life. I admit, I have guilt feelings whenever I pursue things. But in 2013, I started pursuing my dreams without sacrificing my kids. I haven't achieved what I wanted in life, but slowly I am getting there thank God for His guidance and blessings. Thank you for confirming that moms can still pursue dreams.

    1. Hats off to you! What matters most is taht we pursue those dreams even on a slow pace. We'll get there. Cheers to all moms. =)

  4. I'm not yet a mom but, yes, I took the risk to pursue my goal. It's not that easy to leave a job where I'm financially secured. My goal was for blogging was to pursue my passion which was traveling. I know that earning through blogging is little when one isn't influential. That's why we're motivated to continue helping others through our blog. By the time, we become parents, our blog may already be generating a high income.

    1. Successful people are risk-takers. And you're going to be one someday as long you persistently and consistently make your dreams come to reality. =) Thank you sharing your story.

  5. I am a risk-taker. I still choose to pursue my goals even though my plate is already full as a mom. :) Actually, it keeps me sane. If I don't do anything else other than just be mom to my kids, I think I will lose my identity.

    1. I can totally attest to that, Teresa. I suffered post-partum depression for a long time until I started blogging. Doing things outside of being a mom makes us even a better mom. =)

  6. If you are determined enough, I guess no one can stop you. Just set things right and all will follow smoothly

    1. Yes, it's us who create our own monsters and it's also us who put ourselves on the pedestal of success. Thank you for your thoughts, Herbert. =)

  7. My reason might be lame but really it is not an excuse. I thought I am only doing this parenting/motherhood one time {with no second chances} that I might as well do everything to the best of my abilities to nail it! I do have goals to improve myself and get a regular work-from-home day job, so I try to work around my mum schedule to include job-hunting and other pursuits {like attending events and workshops} in my routine. We also need a break from our kids from time to time, right? :)

    It might be trickier to pursue goals with a child in tow but it is something that is attainable. I know a lot of mums who still realize their dreams and achieve their goals while being extra-ordinary mums. I guess the key is to find the right balance of things and, yes, to never give up on those goals.

    1. I agree with you, mommy. We do need some break. When we pursue things aside from childcare, we refine our tunes and come back as a better mom. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this challenging motherhood journey. =)