Raising Happy Homes


Hello, friends! I'm Annabella and I'm so happy that you've stumbled over to my little space online. ZKBuzyBuzz is a blog that I started out in June 2016 to serve as a journal for all the helpful and informative articles I've read online. Then my husband encouraged me to do full-time blogging (he had been blogging since 2011) and introduced me to this wonderful blogland. :)

This blog is about my journey, and hopefully yours, in raising a healthy and happy family. Yes, the site name is far from what this blog is about (not mommy-ish,eh?). I thought of changing it but settled to keep it anyway.

ZK are the initials of my two lovely kids' names and BuzyBuzz are for the busy bees (I just love Zzzzs) who would greatly represent every mom. We work too hard to keep our little colony thriving and running smoothly just like the bees. We aren't just the queen bee, but we are the empowered ones!

Here are at ZKBuzyBuzz, you'll read:

My personal reflections on motherhood
Tips on being a better YOU and a wife
Smart parenting tips
Articles on how to keep a lively and healthy home
Fun ideas and activities for the family
Product recommendations

..and more which are geared towards raising a happy home.

Meet our Authors / Admins

 Hey there, friend! I'm Annabella, a stay-at-home-mom to two adorable toddlers and now a blogger. I love chocolates and have been a true blooded Potterhead since high school. And oh, I married my high school best buddy. Yep, that guy below. I love movie marathon, reading fictions and of course, my new love--blogging. :)

  Hi everyone! I'm Christian and I'm the Geek guy behind this blog. You can also catch me posting fun quizzes and IQ challenges that your family would enjoy. I work for a Fortune 500 company while managing my other two blogs and now this one, too. I love the idea of being my own boss in blogging.

Welcome to ZKBuzyBuzz and have some fun touring our blog. Thank you for stopping by and shoot us an email at zkbuzybuzz at gmail dot com if you have any questions or relevant topics for this blog that you want to be posted. Have a great time and we'd be glad to have you back! :)